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Good Lord there are talented people out there.

I'm getting ready to hit the road for Arisia. While I wait for my laundry to finish drying, however, I've been going through some of the submissions and sketches I've been getting for my Webcomics Project. (In honor of Chad Underkoffler, who is the master of public secrecy, this is Sekret Project Triple-S. Not to be confused with Sekret Project L, which will be soon published by e23.)

I'm getting some astoundingly good character sketches, based on what I sent out to interested people. (Kate Sith -- your e-mail is bouncing. Please for to let me know if you got the "Pitch" document.) There are clearly very very talented people out there, and I'm thrilled some of them are expressing some interest in working with me.

(If you've expressed interest but haven't received any direct e-mail from me outlining the terms of the project, followed by a pitch document, please send me e-mail at websnark AT gmail DOT com or comment on this entry: to my knowledge, I've sent things out to everyone interested, but there's always a few.)

Sometime later this year, I might be able to call myself a webcomics creator in some way other than ironically. That excites the Hell out of me.


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Yo! Got the mail when you sent it from the Websnark addy. Dunno why the others bounced, but I'll look into it (I'm still new at this whole site-management thing, so I might have clicked something in cPanel that I shouldn't have)... already sent two replies, tho, so hopefully those went through.

Hmmm... Project requests like this make me almost regret having another webcomic project I'm working on. Almost.

You can expect some fanart from me once this thing gets going, though.

Speaking of Secret Projects...

...when is the auction snark going up?

Thanks for the comics links. I know, I know, following RPGworld and Sluggy Freelance for years is probably out of bounds, but it was interesting to see your links and read the stories.

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