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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me *three* times... um... crap, I'm like a webcomics codependent, aren't I?

(From Shortpacked. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Batman!)

So. First David Willis did Roomies, and I read and loved it. And then he went for a Cerberus Syndrome and ended up in First in Ten, and I wanted to pound my head into the bricks. The sweet, sweet bricks.

And then he punched the reset button and remade his strip into It's Walky, and I read and loved it! And then he didn't really go for a Cerberus Syndrome because he knew where he was going from the beginning, but it was still First and Ten and after a while it was too confusing for me, and I did a "You Had Me And You Lost Me" and left it behind.

And then he brought back Roomies for Keensyndicate, but to be honest it didn't do much for me. It's still there, though.

But then... he hit the reset button on Shortpacked. It's two strips into the new Shortpacked Era.

God help me. I am David Willis's bitch. At least this one can't go for a Cerebus Syndrome. I mean, it's a gag strip about toys, right? Right?


(Oh, and he also started putting out new It's Walky strips, on a weekly basis for every hundred bucks he takes in in donations. Which... well, certainly counts as a revenue model, doesn't it?)


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I'm with you in hoping this one doesn't go the way of the others. I was barely paying attention for the last few months of Its Walky!, but he's got me with Shortpacked.

Er... I might be more amused by the one funny panel in the entire strip (hint: not the last one) if it hadn't been plastered today on every single KeenSpot column ad...

Shortpacked looks really good but just because it's a gag strip about toys doesn't save it from the Cerebus syndrome. Remember when Cerebus was a "Conan the Barbarian" spoof?

Confusion. Are you sure you didn't mean "two weeks into the new Shortpacked Era"?

Just you wait. Give it a year, and old SEMME baggage is going to haunt Robin, and Galasso is going to go on a serious world-domination kick, and Amber is going to end up being an alcoholic and committing suicide. Willis can't avoid the dark side. :)

I was waiting for Eric to talk about Shortpacked, actually. And now I start waiting for David Willis to go for First and Ten. Hooray!

Bo -- due to bad planning on my part, I missed... er... all but two strips when I did the archive search. So yeah, it's two weeks in, not two strips in. Call me moron, see me roar.

Greg -- well, yeah. But I can dream. This time... this time will be different. You don't know Ike like I know Ike. He's a good man. He really cares about me. You'll see.

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