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Fast Con Notes from Saturday

Today's panel was fantastic. An excellent group of people, engaged with the panel, who themselves rocked. Alexander Danner picks a good group, and is himself superior. Way to go, J.

Midway through the panel, my phone rang. It would have been embarrassing, but dumb luck let me spin it to my advantage. "Hey guys," I said to the audience. "Randy Milholland says hi."

"Hi, Randy!" they chanted back. I then handed my cell phone to Randy's roommate, who was in the second row, and she made sure Randy fed her cats.

Later, we had a Superguyish get together, though three of the invitees (Greg from yesterday, and Frobozz and Van, to use psuperguydonyms) couldn't make it due to A) other committments, and B) a giant freaking blizzard. But we did have myself (Sabre, to use the Superguyism), Gina (aka Crash), Jon (aka... um... Jon), and Randy (aka Nee). I had a glass of wine, which with my ultraefficient metabolism meant they got to see me get drunk.

Oh, and Betsy? Your sister Susan says hi, and says "hah hah -- I got to meet Eric Burns and you didn't." And she and I then talked about John Troutman and Meaghan Quinn.

I think it was Susan. I know it was Betsy. I hope it was Susan, because... well, she was a pretty girl, and I'd hate to think I've managed to forget the name of a pretty girl so quickly. On the other hand, I mentioned the drunk part.

Oh, and when we got back to the room, later, it was raining inside. Seems a pipe burst. We were moved to an absolutely gorgeous room. A large, gorgeous room. Life is good.

Except I'm like totally broke at this point. But hey, that's okay!

More notes from later, and expect the return of Journalist Snarky at some point.

Also, Drunk Snarky. Randy's made me a promise about Drunk Snarky. I'm holding him to it.

Got to go! Party with an editor to go to. This is your on the scene buzzed reporter signing off!


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Oh, and when we got back to the room, later, it was raining inside. Seems a pipe burst.

Now we know where New York City's bondage cops go for a good time these days.

Tanj dammit, sounds like I'm missing a good Arisia this year. Say hi to Herself and the rest of the IN Listies for me, 'kay?


I haven't seen Herself at all, sadly. I'll have to do a concerted search, tomorrow.

Heh, I have this mental image of Eric stumbling around like Val Kilmer in "The Doors"

Man! I tried to make it into the webcomics panel on Saturday but that place was a packed house!

It was great to meet you at the (much smaller) panel on Friday night!

Dude! That's me! I'm Betsy! You met Susan! She was very excited to meet you.

And, I've been Websnarked! Sort of, to me anyway. Hee!

http://www.eyrie.org/superguy for a not very recently updated Superguy webpage, in case some of y'all are curious about this thing Sabre keeps referencing. :)

Yay! I got mentioned on a popular website! Go me.

(me = the roommate with cats)

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