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Comicsnarkia! Or something like that.

I haven't had a chance to read through all of this week's offerings yet, but I should mention that over on Comixpedia, the next edition of my monthly column, Feeding Snarky, is out. This particular column goes into one style of Funny (since this is the "funny" issue and all), and invokes Men in Hats, Hound's Home and Nukees for examples. And that makes me a happy person, because I loves me the Men in Hats, Hound's Home (well, old Hound's Home. Recent stuff hasn't worked as well for me) and Nukees.

Anyway -- I'll have a look at the rest of the week's offerings too, but if you're jonesing for me to blather on about webcomics, here's something for you to chew on!


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Years ago, after reading an essay about how Hamlet was not really a "universal" story (someone tried telling a translation to an African tribe who failed to see how Hamlet had a problem), I realized that all jokes are in-jokes. Just a matter of how big you can make the in-group. :)

Hey Eric, been a reader here for a little while, first time commenter though. I like the column too. Speaking of the funny, have you seen The Perry Bible Fellowship? It's a syndicated comic, but the strips are posted every sunday here: http://cheston.com/pbf/archive.html

In my opinion, it's the most consistently hilarious strip out there. Awesome stuff.

I'm sorry, Eric, but every time I see this snark header, my first thought is, "Comicsnarkia? Is that close to Strongbadia?"

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