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Biscuits. Tasty, savory biscuits.

So I'm back in Maine tonight. Why? Because I forgot my winter coat over Christmas, and the Cold Miser decided to have a blowout sale, so I had to come and grab it. And along with it was a delayed care package from a noted British (well, Canadian, but currently British) Snarkoleptic of intellect and style. Which one? Well, if said Snarkoleptic wants to be identified, I'm sure there'll be a comment. However -- superior person in all ways. But I digress.

It had been frozen against my picking it up. And now I have.

And inside it?

Well first off, Crunchie Bars. They're honeycomb foam in chocolate. It's like eating styrofoam, only it's awesome. I loves me the Crunchie Bars.

But more to the point, it's stuffed to the gills with British Baked Mini Chedders. Baked, not fried! And as they say on the back, you the customer are "spoilt for choice!" They have Smokey BBQ and Cheesy Beans flavor available!

That's right.

I got sent tasty, tasty biscuits.

I love my life.


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And if anyone deserves tasty tasty biscuits, it's you, Eric. Enjoy. :)

Robert A. Howard

I have to concur that Crunchie bars are indeed awesome. As is just about anything from Cadbury. I even like their white chocolate. And I *hate* white chocolate.

"I love my life."

What a cool thing. People don't say that enough. Usually it's more like "angsty-whining-life-sucks crap (not that there's not a place for that, it's just that I don't want to LIVE there, ya know?"

Now you've gone and made me day. oy. On account of how now I remember that (despite the ouchy foot and irritating co-worker down the hall and all that blah blah blah)... I too, like my life. It's so easy to forget that, isn't it?... oops. Existential tangent off of biscuity comment. Sorry, sorry. Shutting up now. ANYWAY...

Enjoy yer biscuits, ye deserve 'em.

Apparently, I was so busy enjoying my life that I forgot to use punctuation. Wow. That rarely happens. Heh.

Hm, the Crunchy Bar sounds like a Violet Crumble.

The two candies are wholly identical. It's Violet Crumbles I originally got addicted to, out in Seattle.

But Crunchies aren't violet. Nor are they floral. (Mmmm. Lavendar chocolate... okaybacknow)

They also make Crinkly Mini Cheddars (which are a bit strange), Mini Garlic Bread (AFAICT only in tubs, though) and full-sized Cheddars. And Mini TUCs, which haven't been the same since the remake.

A few years ago, Mini Cheddars were three different sizes, corresponding (I think) to 5p -> 1 -> 2p. I miss those.

They're not identical, you know. Or, at least, the idea is, but the execution is wildly disparate. Violet Crumbles have a much denser, harder honeycomb and a higher compound chocolate:actual cocoa ratio in their external coating.

... wow, I'm a chocolate nerd.

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