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Also born on that day? TV's Donna Reed! And Cinematic Also Rans Troy Donohue and Bridget Fonda!

(From Planet Earth (and other tourist traps) Click on the thumbnail for full sized cake!)

This is a nice prime example of Planet Earth. It has some surreality (Alien!), it's funny, and it highlights something about birthdays that seems interesting to me, and actually came up earlier today.

You see (well, probably you don't), I have a birthday coming up. For reference's sake, it's the same day as Lewis Carroll, Mozart and nuclear navy ubermaster Admiral Hyman Rickover. Hyman. Rickover. There's a man whose parents hated him. But I digress.

It came up at work today, and it turned into a flurry of finding out what days peoples' birthdays are. And in every case, everyone was excited to find out others peoples' birthdays, but didn't want their own known. It's not an age thing, it's a literal discomfort with becoming the center of attention. You feel like... well, you're older now, in your thirties. You have to be adult about this. But birthdays are fun in general. The party, the cake, the hanging around.

Over at Planet Earth, they've solved the problem. They just declare any given day the alien's birthday, and then they can have cake! Yay!

As for me... well, I tend to have my desire to be low key and self-effacing in such situations go to war with my arrogant desire to be the center of attention. I will say that with the declaration of that particular day "Through the Rabbit Hole" day on Livejournal et al, I'm pretty excited. Even though I have nothing to do with that, I can pretend people are doing all this for me. Anonymous, yet deluded into arrogance.



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Funny -- my birthday is the same as Alice Liddell's.

Assuming we get together when I hit the Bay area in May, if you show up wearing a pinafore I'm going to flee out the back door and run for a solid hour. Just for the record.

Which means he'll be about two blocks away.

Ow! What? OW!

I know someone who's going to be pissed to see you call Troy Donahue an "also-ran."

Ah... yes.

Anyone not deeply entrenched in the Narbonic mythos may as well skip to the next comment. For those of you that remain:






Well, that tears it. I've been waiting a long time to test out my "16 Candles"-as-performed-by-The-Crests-powered DEATH MACHINE AND YOU, YOU PIECE OF BAD NEWS, WILL HAVE THE HONOR OF BEING THE FIRST OF golly, what I kind of hope to be MANY WHO WILL FALL BEFORE MY TOTALLY CRAZY WAY-OUT POWER!!!

Hmph. "Also-ran" indeed!

Good cripes, it's Dave Barker all over again...

I quote to you from the Gospel According to Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban:

"If Troy Donahue can be a movie star, then I can be a movie star."

(And here I thought it was Bridget Fonda people would defend.)

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