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All right, already. It's snarked. It's snarked. Now for Christ's sake, let my cat go unharmed! She's done nothing to you!

(From Schlock Mercenary. Click on the thumbnail for full sized oversight!)

The tagline for Schlock Mercenary is "where military humor meets hard science fiction," and this strip conveys that sense. There's a real sense of the military and the mechanics in this strip.

I'm reminded of David Hartwell's definition of hard science fiction. It's as much method as science -- a sense of rigorous attention to detail, to world construction, to the sense of plausibility as there is actual science. Tayler nails that, and he nailed it in today's strip.

At the same time, it's also funny. And yet, also dark. And it brings the story. And closes a chapter.

Not at all bad for a Sunday. Tayler gets a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.


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Thanks for the biscuit, Eric! Sadly, I started a low-carb diet this morning. I'm handing the biscuit off to Sandra, who reads these scripts before anyone else does, helping me keep the quality up. The biscuit should be part hers anyway.

I guess I need to work harder so that next time around I can earn a Carl's Jr Six-Dollar Bacon and Guacamole Burger in a lettuce wrap. ;)


In an interesting six-degrees moment, Andy and I discovered that Howard is married to the woman Andy had the world's largest crush on in high school.

I've just read through all five years of the Schlock Mercenary archives. Obviously, I'm hooked.

Thanks for making my week, Eric!

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