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A difficult admission

You see, there's things I want to say, and do. And forms I want to work in. Very, very badly.

Or maybe you don't see. How could you. I did the in media res trick, only that doesn't work in essays, does it? Well, let me pick things up and see where they fall from here.

Back in 2002, I wrote a comic strip. It was called Unfettered by Talent, and it was terrible. It's not the worst strip to ever be written (some of the writing was actually okay), but I can't draw. It's possibly not the worst drawn strip of all time, but it's in the top twenty.

But I would like to work in the webcomics form. I honestly would.

I have a working plan to do so, in one sense. A quiet little strip with a collaborator, on the subject of In Nomine. But while I'm excited to do that strip, because I like In Nomine, I like that artist, and I like jokes about coffee and demons, it is what it is. And there's more I want to say.

So, I have a thought in mind, and I would need to find an artist who would be willing to draw it, at least initially. And perhaps later, other artists could try it out too.

In tone, it would be more story than funny, though there would be funny. Really, it owes more to Modern Tales and the like in concept than anything else. And, because I'm predictable, it's about art, and magic, and muses.

And I'd like to find someone who'd want to do the art for it.

In the best of all possible worlds, this would be a three strip a week comic, and many weeks worth would be completed before it even began to appear on a website. What home it would end up on depends a lot on what's available when we get to that stage, of course.

I'm open to suggestions, or offers, or discussions.

Oh, and the vast likelihood is there would be no money involved. So... yeah.

Anyway. The worst thing that will happen is no one will respond. I can cope with that.

(Oh, and the other strip? The In Nomine one? I'll keep you posted with where that one's headed.)


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I'd volunteer to do it but... my artistic style is probably as bad as yours. I mean, I can draw... but I can't draw the same things consistantly. Which is bad for a web-comic (which is why I deleted Tangents. Sure, some may dislike that I'd do something like that... but I did not like it. Besides, I'm rewriting it with somewhat different characters, and my joke-writer and I disagreed on some key issues on the comic... and since some of the characters were his...) er, sorry. Tangented again.

Anyway, considering I had problems updating Tangents three times a week (or even weekly eventually), consider me a last meager hope if no one else volunteers.

Robert A. Howard

Color me curious on the In Nomine project.

Waiting with baited breath for the In Nomine strip, and your other project.

It's obvious from the drawn episodes in T&B I am *not* an artist. (Not much of a comedy writer either, but that's another story. ^_- ) But I picked up "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and my artistic skills skyrocketed. I'll never challenge an artist such as Hawk of Applegeeks, but I'm not half ass bad and getting better with practice.

I point all this out because of your recent journalistic aventures you mentioned the learning to draw method through doing a web comic. ^_^

The message is more important than the medium. And while I can understand you may not want your uber idea to be your vehicle to better drawing, it's a thought for future ideas. Afterall, if you never start, you'll never progress. ^_^


Howdy. I've been reading here for awhile now and thought I would drop a line to say hi and respond to this. Cartooning like drawing, is about 1/2 mechanical act and 1/2 analysis. The analysis in cartooning can probably be said to be 'soft' or interpretive where the analysis in representational drawing can probably be said to be 'hard' or literal.

Anyway, I'm getting at this: if you want to draw your own work, it's doable. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn what you're doing is all. And then, we're talking about knowing how to cartoon, not how to be great like Schulz, Kelly, Herriman, or McDonnell.

Y'know, it's probably presumptuous of me, but if you're looking for an artist I have been studying cartooning for a long time now, and may be of service. My own webcomic (still a baby, to be honest) is something I do in my spare time, mainly to prove to myself that I can. When doing work for other people I break out the ink brushes and the bristol board, where for myself it's flair pens and copy paper. Take a look if it suits you to do so, and let me know what you think. Or not. Heck, I dunno.


I whole heartedly volunteer to help you in your artistic endeavor.

Hell, I can draw coffee and demons so I figure that's a good start.

Email me at madrix_ronin at hotmail dot com to tell me where can I send you my portfolio.

I'm also interested.

Same deal as everything evil. ALthough replace "portfolio" with "some sample art." Because who am I kidding?

rockninja at gmail dot com.

On the guys who mention me drawing it: you're absolutely right. While I don't think I'd ever be 'great,' certainly with time and practice I'd get 'okay.' And I actually am still working on my drawing skills.

However, there's stuff I want to write, right now, that I'm not capable of drawing. And that's why I want to find an artist.

And I'm glad I've gotten some good reactions. I'm looking at stuff and I'll keep people posted.

Kris: somehow, I'm not surprised you're interested. The fellow I'm working with on the In Nomine project's a fellow of your mild acquaintence, and of course you've always done superior In Nomine stuff yourself. (In fact, you're about 40% of the reason I went into In Nomine in the first place. 50% of it was a guy named Jason I'll be seeing at Arisia next week, 40% was the unmitigated coolness of Dark Victory, and 10% was a fellow named Philip who you also know bouncing and saying "read Dark Victory!")


I am interested. Oh yes oh yes.

kate at ministryofawesome dot net

I can upload some samples of my usual shtuff for you, and if you can give me a character description I can try my hand at drawing him/her in a few different styles--I'm mostly a pencil/digicolor gal, but I just dug up a crapload of old art supplies I'm itching to play with, so I'm more'n willing to experiment.

So, uhm... yeah.

What's the comic about?

Oh, please, be about a group of ironic twentysomethings in belly shirts who hang around a coffee shop and act like jerks but they're really like hurting underneath, as illustrated in a storyline where the main guy loses his girlfriend and he stands there in a silent panel being secretly all sad and shit with maybe some sensitive rock lyrics typed in the background, and they have all kinds of super complicated relationships that have to be explained in a FAQ page or maybe on the messageboard, and there's like Wicca, and nobody's facial expression ever changes between panels, and the female lead is bisexual, because that's so hot and if you have to imagine your character being attracted to men it means you're gay. And someone is named either Ash or Raven.

If not, I hope it's about Final Fantasy.

Shaenon: You silly! *big grin*

Eric: Hmm, hearing what you just said... I'll bow out. (Besides, several people with talent seem interested now so...) You see... I also have stories I'd love to tell... but insufficient skill to draw. Hell, that's half the reason I took the characters I created in Tangents and put them in a novel. *grin*

Good luck!

Robert A. Howard

Shaenon -- how'd you guess?

(Actually, there's a coffee shop in the In Nomine one, but it's already an RPG comic, so who cares how cliche I get with it?)

Depends on which cliches you care to pick up on. A RPG character coffee shop populated by females who require bras engineered by the people who built the Golden Gate Bridge might be going one cliche too far. }:-{D

(not that I'd mind, but I'm a reprobate)

Kris -- it's an Angelic tether, not an Andrealphan one. ;)

I'm new here, but it looks like I've checked in right on time...
I've also oftened dreamed of starting my own webcomic. Goodness knows I have things I'd like to say; I've just never been sure I could say them in a way that would Bring the Funny. I am, however, an avid artist with some pretty good talent, I've just never really tried my hand at a comics format.
If you're interested, send me a line at pellucid at sonic dot net and I'll mail you my attempts.

Eric- Creation? }:-{D

Oh, and other cliches: an unlikely-looking supergenius (Jeanite?), an unbelievable gratuitous asshole (any Seraph?), cute animal (talking optional), C&P repeated panels and art, self-obsessed angsty monologues (any IN game with White Wolf fans playing)... }:-{D

Damn, man, the potential for cliches is enormous!

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