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A day of rest, light coughing.

This was another day of... well, next to nothing. Clearly, I needed the downtime. Tomorrow is a heavy writing day, both for here and other bits I'm behind on and bringing sobbing down from those who deserve better from me.

But I wanted at least to say hi, and say the unqualified astounding things about Issue 3 on City of Heroes, hand in hand with the Crappy Council (and they're not improving with time, I'm afraid -- their coolest new characters are the "Galaxy" figures... and they look almost exactly like Destro from G.I. Joe, only without his keen fashion sense.

Yes, I'm serious.

However, first off, the new zone, Stigia Island (which I think I just misspelled, but I'm not going to look it up because I'm... well, crap) is the best new zone of the game, so far. It's got all the joys of the Hollows without the impending sense of doom clinging to them. And they have lots and lots of new maps -- especially the cargo ship map, which just rocks.

Secondly... they did an amazing lighting engine upgrade. The sewers have always been somewhat funny -- these well lit sewers where villains like to hang out. Now they're full of shadows with shadow effects as you pass under the light sources. They're creepy, and that's perfect. We did the Dr. Vahzilok mission today -- a mission I've done about nine times before now -- and this is the first time it scared the crap out of me. Ambience is everything, and they've nailed it.

And when you go into the room where the Doctor is hanging around in his meat suit? Oh my Fucking God. Someone deserves bonus pay for this Issue.

So, City of Heroes remains an astoundingly cool game, and this free update remains phenomenal. Except for the Council. Fucking Council.

(You know, if they'd retconned the 5th Column into something cool, I'd have no problem. But they did things like take the Steel Valkyrie drones -- what a great name. The Steel Valkyrie -- and renamed them the "Zenith Hoverbot." The Zenith Fucking Hoverbot. It sounds like a brand of floating television! But I digress.)

On the other hand, the Council does have a Volcano Fortress. And it's amazing. I just wish it weren't being leased by such a pack of lamers.


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