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A Correction.

As I've said before, when I make mistakes here in the chair -- the mighty, mighty chair -- I will not conceal them. I will own up to them.

I reported that I had a lovely few drams of Dalwhinnie single malt scotch when I was celebrating Burns Night, in yesterday's post.

In fact, I had a few drams of The Dalmore. Which is quite a different scotch. It was wonderfully smooth, though reminded me it was indeed whiskey. The distinction is profound -- Dalwhinnie is a Speyside single malt, while the Dalmore is a Highland single malt scotch. Also, the Dalmore is a definite article, and Dalwhinnie is not.

Just to keep things clear.


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mmm, scotch... (Personally I like Johnny Walker Red Label... oh, and of course Glenfiddich...)

I went with the 12 year old Glenlivet myself. :)

Laphroig is good, Dalwhinnie is good, Dalmore I don't know, Will have to look it up

Someday I'll be able to afford a better class of scotch than Brown Derby store brand...

Mmmm... single malt. I go for Lagavulin, myself.

Old Pulteney's an exquisite single malt. Definitely the definite, and well worth importing a bottle if you get the chance.

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