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You know... I'd kind of like a girl to GLOM me during a snowstorm. How does one sign up for that?

(From Kiagi Swordscat. Click on the thumbnail for full sized GLOM!)

There's a couple of things going on in this strip that really appeal to me. On one level, the color palette is very soft, and Priscilla looks almost winsome in panel three... (I know, I know, insert "sad girl in snow" reference here. I don't read Megatokyo, guys).

And then the kiss. The "jarring" of the panel borders. The dynamic motion.

And the sound effect.

The sound effect.

Guys? GLOM!

You don't need backstory, you don't need understanding. You can intuit emotions and momentum and the sense of dynamic tension undergoing an almost glorious release.

Aric Hooley gets himself a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.


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I suppose all one would need to do is requisition a 'clinging telegram.'

(Not sure if that warrants a rimshot or a warning shot. A-hey!)

...I'm not sure if I should laugh, hide, or do a Google search....

I'm thinking laugh, then hide. It seems safest.

I'd like to remove a few crumbs from that biscuit for a spelling error.

It's GLOMP, people. The sound effect is spelled "GLOMP".

This isn't a misspelling. I intended to use the word "glom" because it fit the situation perfectly. She's glomming on to him. I know it's not really a sound, but it works.

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