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Yeah, but if Batman showed up and you were both wearing the same cape, you'd feel even funnier.

(From The Adventures of Sporkman. Click on the thumbnail for full sized faux pas in the making!)

As I hoped would happen, Sporkman has become both a regular strip and is being added to the KeenSyndicate. Today was the first day of new Sporkman strips on the Sporkman site. So, I wanted to draw your attention to Sporkman.

I admit it. It's just fun to type "Sporkman." But today's strip underscore's the strip's strengths in the newspaper arena. Yes, it sets up a continuity, but it brings a very specific funny to the table that doesn't need any kind of backstory. It's a balancing act, but Troutman seems capable of it.

In other news, I have a seminar down in Portsmouth today. So, more in depth posts will either have to wait until it's over so I can shlep out to Panera Bread or else wait to see if there's wireless access in the room and if the topic is so boring I'm willing to blow it off for this.



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At least he's not going to get sucked into any jet engines.

And really, aren't we thankful for that?

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