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Two fast notes from Christmas Eve in the rainy rainy land of Maine

Two fast notes, from my family to you and yours, this rainy Christmas Eve.

First off, we've been listening to music and singing carols all evening. However, without a doubt our favorite music of the evening, bar none, has been Crazy Utahraptor,, by joey comeau and gilyan merry, made as fan art for one of my long time favorite comics, Daily Dinosaur Comics. My sister's been dancing to the phat rhythm, and calling people "Crazy Utahraptors" all day now. Which is joy.

Secondly, we've had our traditional Christmas Eve nosh -- meats and cheeses and fruits and crackers and the like -- and are now about to sit down to hot cocoa and lemon, orange and ginger wafers. Or, as the British would call them... biscuits.

That's right. We're having tasty, tasty biscuits.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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*waves British passport* Hi. What's a ginger wafer?

Like I said, Weds -- it's a ginger tea biscuit. And lemon tea biscuits, and orange tea biscuits.

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