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This is the funniest fucking thing I've read in two weeks.

(From Something Positive. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Festival of Lights.)

Chanukkah is one of those interesting traditions in American culture. A relatively minor festival in Jewish Lore, its proximity to Christmas have inflated its importance in popular culture (which is probably for the best -- I think perhaps Yom Kippur greeting cards and Rosh Hashana holiday movies starring Jim Carrey and a nearly nude J-Lo might possibly bring the Messiah down on us. And the Jewish Messiah isn't known for being forgiving). And yet, so many non-Jewish Americans just don't understand the Festival of Lights at all. They don't know what it commemorates, or the miracle of the oil and how it burned for eight days and nights after the Jews rededicated the Temple previously defiled by the Greeks.

Fortunately, Randy Milholland is here to enlighten us, as well as reveal that one of the most popular characters in Something Positive is Jewish! So. Take a moment, click the thumbnail, and steep yourself in the rituals and traditions of all that is Chanukkah. And then come back.

Okay. Are you back?

Milholland's totally getting a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit. I laughed so hard my sinuses almost ruptured.


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Oh, sure, now he gets the biscuit.


Well, it's a special Foreign Language edition biscuit, dontcha know. }:-{D

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