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There's something terrifying about a skunk with magical powers, but I'm not sure what it is.

(From Fight, Cast or Evade. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Walk of Shame!)

There's some nice emotion in today's Fight, Cast or Evade. See, Yerzle used to lead our party of adventurers, but Fubaar (he's the guy giving the orders) wrested control away from him. Yerzle put up with that for a long time, but finally tried to drive Fubaar out. Fubaar humiliated him and made it clear he had both physical and moral dominance in this situation. And Yerzle was forced to accept it.

In watching Yerzle schlep to the back of the party, it's interesting to watch the rest of the reactions, though. Perhaps Fubaar's motivations really are "purer" than Yerzle's, but there are levels of morality and ethics, and it's clear that in the eyes of their comrades, Fubaar's "moral high ground" isn't very high at all.

It's a nice character moment, heading in to the point when skulls begin to be cracked.


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