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The thing is, the word 'testicles?' Comedy gold. I don't know why.

(From PvP. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Power to the People!)

You guys know I loves me the PvP. And I've liked this whole sequence. It's been a testament to the ways people can be bastards at the holidays, and most of all, it's funny. And now we have the payoff, and it too is funny, and a distinctive idea.

And... hm.

I guess it just didn't work for me.

In part, I guess it didn't work because I was looking either for Door Number Four (where neither Cole nor Brent gave in, but some external disaster wiped the competition out -- or something happened that caused them both to abandon it because it was more important to help someone else than it was to "win" the competition) or a total Scooby Doo ending as a fourth choice.

At the same time, I understand what Kurtz is doing here. This is the end of the Brent/Cole Christmas feud -- not just for this year but moving forward. Kurtz is retiring this plotline's jersey. And he's giving the people (like me) who think Cole's being the bastard the chance to see him admit it, the people who think Brent's the bastard the chance to see him admit it, and the people who think it's both of them... well, y'know.

On the other hand, I think all three punchlines worked as PvP punchlines. I would have been happy with any of these resolutions, and I like the idea of the Choose Your Own Ending.

I dunno. I guess it just didn't gel for me. Hey, it has to happen sometimes, right?


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Personally, I wish he'd done a "Vote for your favorite ending" choice and we could see what people thought was the best ending. Still, this ending did lack something... though I think part of it was yesterday's washout strip.

It didn't really get me either. I kind of feel like it's a cop out - I was looking forward to the resolution. They're his characters; the ending is his to choose. There's no real closure here.

Any of the three would've been great in their own right, too, even if I didn't like the outcome he picked. Ah well.

I didn't really like any of the three, and I emailed Kurtz with my reasons. In short, I think Kurtz failed entirely to build up to -any- of the three possible results, and all of the proposed results feel untrue to the characters anyway. ESPECIALLY the third one.

And speaking of that third option...

... gaaaaaaaay...

Actually, I was kind of expecting option 2 to be the ending. I thought Brent deliberately set Cole up there just to leave him hanging, alone. It's something Brent would do, and smile like the Grinch while doing so.

Have you noticed one thing though? In each of the three, Cole ends up on the short end of the stick? *wry grin* In only one does Brent get hurt or inconvienanced. Heh heh heh.

What can I say, I understand Brent, dislike the overcommercialization of Christmas (and playing of Christmas Music from the end of October on until Christmas itself), and am a cynic at heart. *shrug*

Robert A. Howard

Really? You guys think so? Because I had completley assumed that the Choose Your Own Ending thing was just filler; one more comic to make us wait until the actual resolution tomorrow. For some reason I just sort of assumed this would be resolved, not by either or both of them admiting defeat, but by the other characters talking them out of it. I figured most likely, Jade would appeal to Cole's reasonable side, and then offer Brent sex if he'd call it a draw, and that would be that.

As for wether or not this whole storyline has been working for me.... well, was anyone else confused as to what was going on, for a couple of days their? When Brent and Jade were doing the whole pregnacy test thing, I thought this ment that they were preforming a nativety PAGENT somewhere, a la Charlie Brown, but then the next day Skull was asking Scratch to play Baby Jesus and that threw me off. So then when the snowballs got thrown at Brent and Cole, I was like "Why are they just standing there? Are they mad?" It wasn't until yesterday with the rain that I figured out what was going on. Eh, I'm probably just slow.

Lastly, I have to admit that I read the top strip without reading the subtitle explanation first and thought that was the actual strip, and that Cole actually apologized and promised to stop, so it was quite a letdown for me to relize that it didn't actually happen.

I think I liked #2 better. But the three way ending doesn't, yeah. I am reminded that PvP is a comic strip and the characters are actors. Sometimes this works greatly for meta-comment -remember the strip where PvP is resetted as a Bloom County clone. But in a character-driven plot, the fact that there is no "official" resolution from the characters the conflict is originated with... it's a bit disappointing.

I think the mistake lies in starting from the same approach. Kurtz knows his characters and he has to know who would cave first and why, in those circumstances. If something different (external) happened in the three sequences, something that indeed trigger the three different reactions, the strips would have stayed true to the characters.

Still, it was fun.

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