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Some fast notes on a good day

So it was a day of meetings and festivities. I'm now slightly liquored up, so I'm feeling cheerful back to the home, while my cat lies on my foot and slowly sands it to the bone with a painful tongue of affection. And now I want to give you all a snapshot of a pleasant day.

First off, I had lunch and saw a popcorn movie with a couple of friends from the world of the Internet. We had good sushi. I'm a fan of good sushi. One of these friends, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, is also the one official, on the record fan of Unfettered by Talent. That's right. My webcomic... actually has a fan. She used to bug me to start writing it again, in fact.

To me, this tells me that there is in fact an audience out there for anyone, if they try their best. Even if they draw like a retarded vole.

Secondly, we went to see Blade: Trinity. I can say without fear of contradiction that this movie succeeded on every level it actually tried to succeed on. Particularly on the level where Wesley Snipes kicks someone's ass while making it look like he's affecting nonchalance, followed by his adjusting his coat and preening. Also, Jessica Biel is even hotter when she's killing things.

The movie also had the most mind bogglingly gratuitous product placement known to man. Apple better have paid them a lot of money.

(By the way... if your encryption routine causes the computer to explode when it completes... why do you have to encrypt in the first place. I'm pretty sure when your computer's hard drive is in tiny burning fragments, no one's going to be pulling data off it.)

This evening was a work-related Christmas party. I had scotch, one of my coworkers is a new grandfather, and I discovered a true thing I will now impart to all of you: any song that causes a white man in his fifties, while dancing, to throw a spin into his dance, should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

And then, as I was walking home... I stopped to look at the Christmas display at the Dentist's next door. Santa on the lawn, some lights... some kind of light in their lobby... no, wait it's a lamp....

...no wait...

...this was the lamp from A Christmas Story. The Very Special Prize.

I am so getting a teeth cleaning there.

Settling down to Justice League Unlimited. More later.


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Huh... interesting. I haven't actually seen the movie, but it's a cool thing, no doubt.

A google turned up a couple of places selling a full sized version, a DIY and the following link to a vendor who has a desk version.


I liked Unfettered By Talent too.

And Warren Ellis sure knows how to write a cameo-fest. :)

The computer security system was one of the only parts that made a modicum of sense: the data was encrypted and transferred to a different location, then the local machine was destroyed.

I started having problems with the movie from the opening scene: where Blade essentially doesn't shoot the vampires as they spend a hour getting into their cars so that he can show how much of a bad-ass he is by destroying a classic Mustang.

What I noticed was that there were actually three movies being made at once:

Ryan Renolds, Parker Posey, and Triple H were all making a light action movie (a la Men In Black), Wesly Snipes was making a gritty, urban action movie, and Jessica Biel was making an iPod commercial.

Of course, there's nothing inherrently wrong with combining genres, especially sub-genres (I suppose this is a bit of a Cerberus/First and Ten situation). But in every comedic situation except for the "bungee jumper" the humor happens around snipes. Ryan Renolds and Patton Oswalt trade verbal jabs while Snipes stands in the backgroud wearing his shades; it's like he's a cameo in his own movie. (Incidentally, Parker Posey did a perfect job as a "real" vampire influenced more by "wannabe" vampires: from the rediculous hairdoos to the overly-pale complection and mild lisp around her fangs, while I was waiting for Triple H's character to die the moment I saw him.)

The movie just made too many sacrifices of believability to the gods of "cool". In Jessica Biel's first fight scene she kills a vampire with the "UV arc", a weapon that, quite literally, cuts through vampires like a hot knife through butter. She then proceeds to put the weapon away and fight them hand to hand even though she a) has numerous weapons that are instantly deadly to vampires and b) can't kill vampires with her bare hands (incidentally, this movie is the first ever to include a tactical assault security force that doesn't carry guns).

The Nightstalkers and Whistler have, between them, developed at least three different UV-based weapons: a high-powered "UV laser arc", a miniature UV flashbomb built into a bullet, and a UV spotlight built into the front of Blade's car. In all of these cases nobody has thought "Hey, let's just carry around an industrial strength UV flashlight." Instant death to any vampire caught in its beam, and if you get attacked by familiars (for whom the flashlight would only give a tan and blind), well then you can just shoot them, with regular bullets.

The vampires have also been working on creating "daywalkers", doing such insanely dangerous things as genetic experimentation on their own and re-awakening the long-sleeping king of the vampires. But none of them have ever thought of trying the one proven way of creating daywalkers? You know, the one that made Blade? Sure, the cost in innocent human lives would be great as experiments were performed to determine the exact time for a human mother to be bitten to produce another daywalker, but the vampires havn't exactly shown themselves to be squeamish about that sort of thing.

Ahh ... my secret weakness: movies that are bad for no reason.

If I was a plagiarist, this is the sentence I would plagiarize:

"my cat lies on my foot and slowly sands it to the bone with a painful tongue of affection."

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