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Server move is complete! And Thunderbirds are GO!

People have noticed that the commenting, search, and... well, pretty much all automated features of the site have been down for a little while. As I told you not too long ago, they were moving me to a whole new server, chock full of new server goodness and that new server smell that makes you feel so proud to be an American.

I've done the necessary bits of maintenance to acclimate Movable Type to its new home. At this stage, everything should work. Please let me know if you come across something that's still unhappy.

And thanks, all!

Edit: Okay -- Typekey, which is my eternal nemesis, has decided to bitch about the server move. So commenting's still dead. I'll get it running as quickly as possible.

Comments are working. Game on!


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This is a test. A fast little test just because I want this stupid thing to work.

hmmm, now my workplace system won't allow comments (keeps defaulting back to "you are not signed in")
probably a security setting

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