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Of course, Schultz would have had the lettering of the letter much scratchier. But Penguin may simply be precise.

(From Todd and Penguin. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Not Crazy Letter!)

I got paged into work last night, and was there until tennish. I had to be back in this morning for six am, which is where I am now, waiting for the results of a network engineer's tearing through the network with an array of powerful diagnostic tools. I also am drinking coffee like a madman. However, by 1 in the afternoon, I expect to pass out onto the floor. Just, you know, for the record.

Fortunately, there is Todd and Penguin.

This is not the newest joke in the world. But then, they don't have to be. I'm not a member of the cult of "always original, all of the time." Most comedic (and essentially all dramatic) situations are variations on some theme that has come before. The big question is, "does this make you smile."

In particular, this joke reminds me of Peanuts. Charlie Brown or Lucy could be the cat, and Penguin would be Linus or Sally. The joke then could proceed almost completely as written, and be satisfying. As it is satisfying here.

I'm not saying David Wright stole this. He didn't. I'm saying it's a well worn, but perfectly serviceable joke which he has used well. And to be honest, anyone who does a comical strip that makes me think of Charles Schultz and smile is doing something very right.


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Actually, the punchline reminds me a WHOLE lot more of Pig in "Pearls Before Swine".

Also good :-)

Speaking of the letter... I gotta say: I, too, dug the comic. But I'm wondering if the non-scratchy lettering actually takes away from the punch-line a bit... with all the perfect lettering and perfectly-shaped letter boxes.

Like, are we losing something with computer-lettering? Is lettering just lettering, or is it part of the art too? Just a reflection...

Actually, I originally had a different font for the lettering that looked like bad hand writing, but couldn't find it. I'm on a new computer, and I thought I had it on here, too, but I don't, and it was too late to go in and hand write it.

As for hand lettering, my scans look horrible. It takes forever to clean up my scans, and to clean up handwriting is especially time consuming, and would push each comic way past the 4-5 hours they already take.

Glad you liked, thanks.

Thanks for responding!

I totally understand the time thing... drawing a webcomic can be hard work (especially when you have a thousand other things to do with your time)... and cleaning up hand-lettering would only be worth it if you were being paid enormous amounts of money to run the strip.

Now I understand why so many webcartoonists use fonts!

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