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(From Digger Click on the thumbnail (subscription required) for full sized God Rats!)

First off, I totally stole this snark from Ping Teo's latest Webcomic Finds Stopover. I mean, I stole it wholesale. Honestly, it's 6:40 and I'm just getting to the "afternoon" trawl now -- it was a busy day.

And Ping is utterly right. And utterly cool. So I'm stealing the snark because she got to it first, damn it, but it still must be proclaimed.

Secondly... I love Ursula Vernon. It's official. Yes yes, I know. She's married. She's adored by thousands. I have no chance in Hell. Whatever, dude. I can have an unhealthy fixation if I want, and anyone who would create Oracular Slugs, Shadows of Ganesh, and now God Rats...

God rats.

I so want one in plush.


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*feels the love* Aww, thank you, dude. (Although I should probably fix this one, because both my editor and I missed that Digger should be saying "metaphorical pigeon" off-camera, instead of having the word balloon heading to the rat, but I suppose into every life, a few minor screw-ups must fall...)

Plushies...well, we're lookin' into some of that, but it'll be awhile yet. *grin*

It took two or three seconds before the "metaphorical pigeon" line hit me upside the head, knocked me down, then rummaged around for my wallet. Ooooog. Evil Ursula!

This stuff is why I love that strip. Digger, all by itself, is the reason I subscribe to GraphicSmash.

Pssssst! You! Yeah you who runs this blog!

You have the wrong GS page linked for the image... ;)

Holy crap I suck. It's fixed now.

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