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It's sort of like Gary Larson collaborated on The Collector.

(From Chopping Block. Click on the thumbnail for full sized X the Owl Tee Shirt!)

Have you ever heard of Delusion of Reference? It's a neurosis that can enter into psychosis, to use outmoded terminology that still means something to me, so what the Hell. Delusion of Reference is the delusion that external events somehow relate to or reflect on you. Say you're walking down the hall, and you see a couple of cute girls quietly talking to each other. If you've got a case of the ol' Delusion of Reference, you naturally assume they're talking about you -- and not very kindly, either. At the far end of the psychosis, you start believing that when the news reporter is saying things, he's saying them to you, but he just can't admit it.

I have this particular condition, in its mildest of forms. I've pretty well intellectualized it out of existence -- mostly by learning not to take myself so seriously. But it can crop up from time to time. (Of course, that could also be called "being insecure, sometimes," which pretty much everyone is.)

Well. I started Websnark.com on August 20 of 2004. On August 23, Chopping Block, by Lee Adam Herold, updated for what seemed like the last time. After the 23rd... nothing.

Naturally, I blamed myself. Damn website, convincing Herold to stop updating Chopping Block.

Well, whatever I did wrong seems to be over now, and Butch the Serial Killer with a heart is back, and that makes me a happy panda. This strip is the absolute epitome of dark humor -- with an emphasis on the humor. Its words are sometimes downright gruesome -- today's strip, not replicated above, casually implies the eating of eyeballs stuffed with deviled ham -- but its images oddly aren't, even with the shadows and darkness and heavy crosshatching and shading.

Old Butch has delusion of reference, of course. And delusion of control, delusion of grandeur, delusion of persecution, auditory hallucinations, erotomanic delusions, a pack of associations, psychalgia, anxiety disorders, and good old antisocial personality disorder (what we used to call being a sociopath or just plain old batshit crazy). He really hits for the cycle. He's clearly got chemical imbalances and environmental factors. And he likes to kill people, have sex with their corpses, and eat them. But if you can set that aside, he's such a sweet guy. And it's very, very, very funny to watch him muddle through as best he can. Especially when you factor in how much of a pain in the neck killing people is.

I'm glad to see him back. I'm glad I've been forgiven. I'm sure everything is fine now, and there won't be any more problems.

And if there are? Well... I've been very patient so far, haven't I? But that will have to end, sooner or later....


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Waitaminute - my birthday is August 20th. That means that if this website dies, I DIE!

Keep posting, man! Keep posting!

I have also encountered this phenomenon. In fact, I can claim responsibility for the premature deaths of Avalon and Acid Reflux, which BOTH started sputtering to a slow and painful demise shortly after I joined their readership. I throw myself at the mercy of the webcomic community for my inadvertant comicide. -_-

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