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I'm also pathetically happy to learn they haven't gotten to second, yet.

(From PvP. Click on the thumbnail for full sized greedy!)

On the heels of the somewhat disappointing plotline resolution yesterday, Kurtz comes back with what might be the perfect archetype of a good PvP strip. It's not just that the joke is funny. It's that the joke is perfectly executed.

It's perhaps even better that it's Marcy and Francis. I mean, the joke would have worked if it had been Brent and Jade, even though they, to use the Garrity term, goink. It works because Brent and Jade enjoy negotiating these things. But Jade would have had an eyeroll in there somewhere. Marcy's slight smile in panel 2 is perfect.

Anyway -- this is a perfect PvP relationship strip, with a perfect PvP joke.

Kurtz gets a biscuit -- a tasty, tasty biscuit.

Have I ever given two of those in one day before? Not counting the Shortbread list?


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