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If this is true, that Snark Auction was desperately overpriced.

According to Froogle, Websnark.com is on sale for $147.50.

I should mention they are in error. I'm always high priced, baby.


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And I just lost my faith in Froogle.

Clearly they did their last price check on December 10.

It's actually a little stranger than that- it's saying that you're selling The Nightmare Before Christmas for $147.50.

You will be getting a call from Tim Burton's lawyers in the morning.

You SAY that you're not for sell, but I just added you to my cart and am proceeding to checkout over on Froogle. Soon Websnark will be mine, ALL MINE!! Either that, or else you'll be obligated to sell me a copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas for $147.50. Which, um, will certainly teach YOU a thing or two!!

Blast! Digression Alley strikes again!

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