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I wonder if someone's marketed plastic Charlie Brown pathetic trees that droop and raise automatically.

(From Blahsville. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Christmas Spirit.)

Hi all.

Still sick. In fact, looking at the screen seems to give me a massive headache. So each one of the letters I type for this post is at a price paid out in pain.

Which might mean that I'm pretty stupid. I mean, why am I even typing in the first place, given that?

Still, Blahsville is back from hand-injury hiatus, and that should be noted to one and all. And it's Christmas, or put near. And if that doesn't deserve a headache or two, I don't know what does.

The "cat-poisoning-me" theory seems to be holding up pretty well. I woke up at one point and saw her sitting on the coffee table next to the couch I was sprawled on, staring at me with obvious contentment. When I reached to pet her, she play bit my hand and sauntered away. Also, I found receipts for various poisons, and the signature was in her handwriting. Explain that, Mister Holmes -- if you can.


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In the lemons from lemonade department, the gastric bypass means that anyone wanting to poison you needs to use a very high concentration, ruling out a lot of the more subtle plans. After all, you're not going to wolf down an entire poisoned 12 oz. steak.

By chance, is your cat named "Scratch Fury"? Maybe his plan for global domination starts with you!

Automatically drooping/rising trees, no. However, there is a market for trees which have been deliberately cultivated to be Not Quite Right.

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