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I can honestly say I did not expect this.

(From Goats. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Virtual Reality!)

Gregor Mendel and his mutant plant creatures haven't been "live" in Goats for many a moon. Usually, the nefarious former monk and his mad creations are just recounted in long sagas of dubious accuracy by Diablo. When Mendel actually shows up, it usually means attractive waitresses are put into Princess Leia outfits, and that's never a bad thing. Also, it means adventure!

Fish looks like Hell, doesn't he? That's always bad. Still, it all makes perfect sense now. The trip to California by way of smacking upside the head. Leonard Nimoy. And of course, Reese Witherspoon and....

Wait... they're doing all this to convince Fish that Reese Witherspoon doesn't love him? What the fuck?

God, I love Goats.


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Oh, I doubt Gregor's motives are so straightforward as that....

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