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He did a Herriman reference. There is a place in Heaven for those who do Herriman references.

I don't want to oversnark Checkerboard Nightmare just because I'm (part of) the subject matter, but while I won't do the whole download-thumbnail-upload thing, have a look at today's strip. Particularly the first panel.

Now, one of the things Straub is really good at is the emulation of artistic styles. Have a look at all the other panels for a highlight of his versatility, and then have a look back at panel one.

I have to assume Straub took some kind of pointy implement, like a coat hanger, and fed it through his ear into his brain, and then moved it back and forth until he heard the happy angels singing to him, in order to degrade his artistic skills to the point that he could actually emulate what we laughably call my artistic style. Needless to say, if you've never had a look at Unfettered by Talent (and for god's sake, why would you?), Straub nailed the style perfectly, right down to the lack of straight lines, the child like face, the football shaped head, and the tea pot sign.

The tea pot sign, in particular, means he actually read the Unfettered by Talent archives. Which might have been sufficient to instill the necessary brain damage to be able to draw like me.

Needless to say, I'm impressed, and I wish him well on his convalescence and neurological therapy.


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You do know that you can read daily vintage Krazy Kats at www.dailyink.com in the vintage section, right? It's basically MyComicsPage for a different syndicate. Admittedly more of their stuff is crusty and bewildering (Hagar the Horrible, Family Circus), but they do have Zippy the Pinhead. And what more do you want than Zippy the Pinhead and Krazy Kat? (Answer: The Phantom. But they have that too.)

Heh...contest idea. Read the UfbT archives, then try to draw what the cat-what-never-appeared-because-Eric-ended-the-strip would have looked like.

They have Vintage Phantom? And Herriman?

...Snowspinner... I need to know... you need to tell me....

...do they have actual "Thimble Theater" archives?

They run a strip daily, and have an archive of their daily strips, though I don't know how long the archive is.

Clarify: It doesn't look like that deep an archive, as I investigate. Presumably they added the strip recently. But there is a Thimble Theater a day.)

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