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Comixpedia: The Quickening

It's the start of a new week in a new month, and that means a new Comixpedia issue. And it wouldn't be a Comixpedia issue without the latest Feeding Snarky, by me.

Actually... that's a bald faced lie. It would indeed be a new Comixpedia issue without me. I could be hit by a bus tomorrow and Comixpedia would just continue on and on and on and on....

But enough of that. It's a good issue, beginning their Year in Review. My column's... well, it's sort of there. However, two -- count them, two -- new parts to T. Campbell's seminal "The History of Online Comics" are appearing, and they're well worth the read. Part Seven covers the growth of professional webcomics and the movement towards subscription models. Part Eight covers the growth of the post-Keenspot/post-Modern Tales collectives and dropdowns that have grown up. These are incredibly simplified descriptions of complex topics that T. handles excellently, so go read them.

And go read my thingy too. I mean, what the heck. It's right there.


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Only demi-on-topic: I can't figure out the name of your column. Is it meant to indicate:

  • that Snarky is being fed?
  • an all-consuming snark (a la "feeding frenzy")?
  • a third thing I haven't thought of?

Curiosity is killing this cat, sir!

The title came from the Ursula Vernon art. Snarky (this is where Snarky actually came from) is chewing on his comics page. Ergo, we're feeding Snarky.

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