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Bwah ha bah?

(From Suburban Jungle. Click on the thumbnail for full sized negotiation!)

Okay, this one surprised me a little. Okay, a lot. I know the plan up until now has been to force Woody into a situation where he'd let Leona take the Kitten Kaboodle contract and get some airtime. But I didn't expect Athena to actually make a bid for Leona's full contract.

The thing of it is... Woody'd be nuts to say no. He's had nothing but trouble from Leona. Now, that doesn't mean he won't say no. This is a strip with the mantra "Are you crazy? Is that your problem?" after all. But I think it's at least even odds he'll say yes.

Which raises the issue... just what does Athena intend from all this?

Oh, on one level she intends to make a lot of money. Clearly, that's what she does. But there's also a question of dramatic points. And we just saw Tiffany go through her first spark of jealousy over Leona's singing career....

We could be moving into the Kitten Kaboodle phase... but who's to say Leona won't be the bigger star going into it. And if she is... given that Tiffany Tiger is, at least on paper, the star of this comic strip... where are we going next?

Nice moment of evolution. Nice moment of "What the?' Nicely done, Mr. Robey.


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Franjipani scene!

I [heart] Franjipani. The little background details in that place crack me up. And it's so true.

I would get more in-depth, but I must go. To the work. At the Franjipanera. bleah.

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