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(From Todd and Penguin. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Christmas Eve traditions!)

On Christmas Eve, warmly decimating my family in Scrabble, smelling a gingerbread candle and listening to A Christmas Story, I find myself in a Yuletide mood. And that was the mood I happened to read Todd and Penguin in.

Penguin, despite being a Penguin, is the most like a little kid I think I've seen in a webcomic. He's innocent and sweet... and also selfish, in his own way. But not in a bad way. I could see any five year old saying the same thing. And Holly understands and teases him just right.

It's sweet, and it makes me hope even more that Holly remains a part of the comic strip. This was just nice.

Merry Christmas, David Wright. And Merry Christmas to everyone.

Now go to bed. Santa's coming, and he's got IR scope equipment.


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Thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too.

This cartoon defenantly maxed out the Awwww-o-Meter. I suggest the cartoonest put it on a card next year.

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