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An update on the Websnark Charity Auction

So, when I told you all I was putting a Snark up for Charity to benefit Child's Play, I honestly thought I could end up looking really stupid. "What if no one bids on this at all," I thought. "Won't you be embarrassed?"

Well, sure, I decided. But what the heck. It was for a good cause and it seemed likely someone would bid... and it might even get up to twenty or thirty bucks, and wouldn't that be nice.

Shows what I know. As of this writing, with roughly two days and twenty one hours remaining, we're up to $147.50 for Child's Play. I have some suspicions of some of the folks who have bid... and I'm honestly kind of stunned.

I've also had a number of people say "boy, I'd love to bid, but it's gone way out of my price range" to me. Which I can understand. I mean... a hundred and fifty bucks? While I heartily encourage anyone who wants to bid that to do so, I can fully understand not bidding that. But it seems to me we should do more of these.

No, I'm not looking to do one where I get the money. That would be hubris. But there's a lot of charities out there, and a lot of them could use our support. Maybe one of these a month would make sense -- say, do one in January for the Cartoon Art Museum....

I wonder if I should do a second Child's Play auction now, too -- I mean, sick children and all -- but would that perhaps make the people who've bid on the current auction unhappy? I'm not sure. In any case, I'm thrilled. Thank you all.

One friend, amused by this, said "hey, Eric. You've promised a thousand words -- at least -- on any moderately safe for work topic, right?"

"Yeah?" I answered.

"Well... that's four standard typewritten pages," he said.

"How 'standard' is a typewritten page in today's world?" I asked. "When's the last time you saw someone typewrite a page of text."

"Shut up," he answered. "My point is... what's to stop some kid from bidding, winning this auction, and telling you to 'snark' on the subject of his history or English paper?"

I thought for a moment, then checked the bidding, which was at $122 at the time. "For a hundred and twenty two dollars to charity?" I asked. "The fucker's getting an A."

Words to live by, old chums.

And please. If this has gone way out of your price range, head over to Child's Play and donate. This is for sick kids. You can't get more Christmas Spirit than that.


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Not a bad idea, though eventually you'll have to change the Websnark banner ad to read:

"I pretty much just blather on about whatever it is I've been told to blather on about by the last guy to pony up a wad of cash, express my opinions, and move on."


Now now... "pony up a wad of cash for charity."

Sure, I'm a whore. But I'm a whore... for the children.

Holy crap, that came out wrong.

It would be so wonderful to do one for the Cartoon Art Museum.

Shaenon -- hey, I'm not a tease. When I put that up there, it was a vague statement of intent. There will be a January auction (or auctions) for the Cartoon Art Museum. I can't promise it'll be as popular as this one is (I mean, sick kids), but I'll try.

Don't look now, but you're on Penny Arcade's front page.

I wonder if you might not draw in more money for charity by organizing the next one as a raffle? At $5/ticket, same as the minimum bid, you'd only need about twice as many people to participate as have bid to beat the current high bid...

organizing the next one as a raffle?

also, there are probably a lot more people who will spend $5 on a raffle ticket than there are who will bid $150+

On the subject of a raffle, I'm not so sure it would actually be exponentially more successful than the auction. You have to keep in mind that unlike an auction, you can't be sure you'll win.

I mean - sure, you only pay $5.00 - but you may also only have a 1 in 100 chance of winning. On the other hand if you bid $100+ on an auction, you're not just paying for the snark itself, you're paying to make absolutely sure you win.

That's not to say a raffle is a bad idea though. It could certainly have potential. And besides, I'm probably missing some incredibly obvious aspect of this which will make me look the fool. :P

So this is somewhat on topic with something, congratulations on how high the auction went, and thank you for donating your services to help this charity event out. :)

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