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Alton Brown likes to use Goodness in stews, but recommends liberal kosher salt.

(From Sluggy Freelance. Click on the thumbnail for full sized baggies!)

First off... you know you're in trouble at your day long seminar when there's a series of attractively placed manuals, multi-pack CD books on tape and videos sitting both on the front counter and on a table in the back.

Secondly... you know you're in a lot of trouble when every new section of the seminar topic involves references to three or four of these products, with a lot of smiling and at least one use of the word "affordable."

I'm on lunch. In 40 minutes, I will be back in there until at least 4.

Pray for Bobo, friends. Pray for Bobo.

But anyway -- Sluggy. The real Sluggy, this time, and not the "meanwhiles." I'm still liking this plotline -- the Dimension of Pain spent years being built up (in fact, one of my complaints about "Meanwhile... in the Dimension of Pain" is that it made the DoP too common. It worked better as an autumnal event with occasional Squeekyboboball matches and dragon boinking storylines. There is a serious sense that we're moving towards endgame and wrapping it up -- right up to the demons rebelling and moving permanently to their new blandiverse home. And today got me chuckling (hey, I'm all about potty humor)....

...but it also kind of disappointed me. For one thing, I can't tell if the bag of goodness is supposed to be... well, full or empty. I also can't tell what effect it's supposed to have. (Once again, "Meanwhile..." caused some damage by running a whole plotline where angels showed up and made all of the Dimension of Pain nice. We've seen a form of goodness spread over everything already. And we sure as Hell don't need another six months of Barney jokes.)

I don't know. Today didn't feel like a cliffhanger so much as a disappointment. But I'll be back tomorrow.

(And if they ever decide to publish a deck of Rather Nice Tarot Cards, I will so buy them.)


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Looked to me like the bag was full of butterflies.

Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. I'm both liking and not liking the plotline. My major beef, tho, is that I saw the death of Blandiverse Zoe coming a mile away.

I kept hoping that Pete would take the harder road and keep her alive and that for awhile we could have two Zoe's, Farscape style. It would have created some very interesting character tension, to say the least. And the Blandiverse Zoe's acclimation to the "Real Earth" could have provided both comic and tragic possibilities. The Funny and the Drama, so to speak.

But alas, tis not to be. Zoe crushed by a tower and her blood used for the sword. Yawn. Loved the blandiverse nuke and Mosp's ending, tho. Well earned surprises in my book. And the dual Torg's are a fun touch too. Though I have a feeling the duplicate Torg will go back to the Blandiverse to fight the good fight against the migrated demons and we won't see him again until the plotline comes back a year from now.

All in all, I like it. But I could have liked it more. . .

Yeah, the second I saw Torg's sword lose color, I know Zoe^2's life's blood would be on it before the end. And just like Rabble, I was hoping Pete would surprise me.

What do you call a tangent that actually discusses the tagline? ; )

I've made Alton Brown Good Eats turkeys two years in a row, now, soaking the bird in a brining solution composed of a cup of kosher salt and vegetable stock. Let sit overnight somewhere cool.

Roast at 500 degrees for 30 minutes, then double-cover the breast meat with aluminum foil and roast at 350 for however long.

The meat is so tender that it falls apart under the knife. That's amazing turkey and so easy to roast.

The thing about Alton Brown is that he's a geek. He looks into science of what makes stuff taste good. Brilliant. ;)

I actually like the way Pete did the obvious blood thing, then had Torg use the sword only for opening the refrigerator - but I agree that it would have been interesting to see what he could have done with two Zoes in one universe. Whatever else one can say about this story, though, it does keep one interested. I really want to know where this is going from here, whether the Goddess will turn out to be of any use at all and so forth.

Alton Brown is ten different kinds of teh hot. I finally saw two or three episodes of Good Eats last month, and you couldn't drag me away from the TV because I was all glued to the screen with lust.

It's not fair. We get Jamie Oliver and Ainsley Whatshisnuts, and you have Alton, who is Bill Nye only different. And Jamie, they hold up as some sort of sex symbol of curry. Ew. The man has a grin like a toddler. Just not fair at all.

My way of dealing with the Meanwhile.... storylines is to...well...not read them.

Have never felt like I was missing anything.

As you probably can tell by now, the DoP isn't likely to be overrun by evil. After yesterday's comic, there seemed to be a good number of cries of disappointment in the Sluggy Reactions forum that there'd be no confrontaion between Torg and the Demon Lord. Just as two weeks ago many were eagerly awaiting the epic battle between Torg and Horribus. This is just part of why I'm really enjoying this storyline. While there have been a few events that were strongly telegraphed (ie, Zoe's death), for the most part, everytime there's been strong expectation of Zig, we get a good dose of Zag. And this aspect of the story has been going on for the last few months now. The entire "That Which Redeems" story arc has been going for over six months. And despite very significant events that will affect future Sluggy storylines and possibly change Torg significantly, this is still very much Sluggy Freelance and everything (in my mind at least) fits and works within the Sluggyverse ("Meanwhile..." strips notwithstanding).

This is the difference between GPF and Sluggy. Granted, this story has taken longer than Pete expected, but even after six months, with the end seemingly in sight, I am eagerly awaiting the next twist or development, even if it means the story carries into next year. I felt no similar enthusiasm during Slurpee Machines.

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