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Acknowledgement of my own limitations

I'm working diligently on the "Bringing the Story" Shortbread List, but as I work on it I need to acknowledge where I'm coming up against the wall, hard.

First off, the number of nominees in each category are going to have to drop from six to five. There's just too much writing to do, otherwise. So, if your favorite doesn't get nominated in a given category you think it's perfect for, assume it was nominee 6 and I'm just an idiot who doesn't know a damn thing.

Secondly, as with the Funny Shortbread list, I'm not including traditional Syndicate Newspaper Comics. I don't feel good about the exclusion -- I think the distinction is artificial, when they're both available on the web -- but even with the gaps in my reading (we all have gaps) there's simply too many to consider to be comprehensive. So, no, Annie won't be up for "Surreal Story" or "Adventure" any more than Foxtrot was up for "Gag a Day Funny."

The problem with doing that is it implies there isn't a level field between the newspapers and the web, for whatever reason. And that's not a good thing. Frankly, Narbonic was the strip I felt Brought the Funny more than any other strip last year. That's why I gave it the Overall Shortbread. There isn't a newspaper comic strip I'd have picked over it. But by not including them in the first place, there's a sense of "ghetto." A sense that somehow, the webcomics scene and the newspaper scene are different.

But, there's a practical dimension involved, too. As it is, I spend my time bemoaning all the stuff I don't read. To bemoan all the newspaper and independent paper strips out there too would be too much. So I do what I can. And I acknowledge what I can't do, here, so everyone knows going in what the criteria are.

Thanks, all.


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What is this crap? So the Bringing the Story post will only have, what, approximately 10000 words instead of 12? What a slacker.

I'm of the opinion that newspaper comics and webcomics are different. Garfield has no more in common with Penny Arcade than it does with Superman, and who in their right mind would ever compare Garfield to Superman?

I agree that they are different, though not that different. If newspaper strips are like TV ("free," supported by advertising) and comic books are like movies (longer-form, more complex, consumer products), then webcomics are like ... well, cable TV, I guess. You can still get quality shows on regular stations, but HBO and Showtime can go a bit farther and indulge more of their own peculiarities due to their appeal directly to the viewer -- just like webcomics.

So I'd consider the Shortbread prizes the equivalent of the Cable ACE Awards. Except, erm, less demeaning than that sounds.

Hey, you're doing a lot of work here. And you have a "real life" besides this. No reason to feel bad because you have to cut back slightly. We won't mind in the least *twitches* *starts going into shortbread withdrawals* *wink*

Robert A. Howard

Eh, newspaper strips have their own awards, no sweat. :)

Yeah, don't sweat not covering newspaper strips. We need a Websnark, not an Everythinggoddamnprintedthingsnark.

Oh, man. Tell me there isn't anybody out there who is stupid and ballsy enough to e-mail you and complain about 5 candidates instead of 6? Wait, wait, I know. There is someone like that out there. Oy.

Dude, it's your site, and your shortbread. You didn't have to DO the damn list to begin with. Or the site, for that matter. ugh.

Sorry, sorry, wandering into your own rant about people griping about web artists' update schedules, etc. But see.. you are a web artist, just not a cartoonist. So I guess the same idiots who expect the impossible from their web COMIC artists expect it from you, too. When they have no right to demand ANYTHING in either case.

That Bringing the Funny shortbread post was very eloquently written, and managed effectively to capture the essence of the comics presented. As usual, I came away from several of your descriptions feeling that I had read the comic, when in fact, I hadn't... yet.

Since today is the first chance I've had to post on this thing (TypeKey didn't like me before today, for some reason), I guess this is as good a time as any to say this: I am so glad to see you doing this. I dare say that I'm becoming a websnark junkie. I have my own daily trawl of comics, of course, but I often look forward to what I see here as much as, if not more than, some of the comics on my list.

So anyway. Know that some of your readers, at least, don't care if the post has 10,000 words or 12. They're always worth reading, and that's the point, right? :)

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