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A Snark about a Snark on Snarkoleptics. Damn, but Recursiveness is a Bitch.

crunchgood.pngFrom Something Positive.

There's a friend of mine who goes by the online sobriquet of EDG. In fact, the character from Gaming Guardians was named after him, rather than vice versa. Webcomics are everywhere in my life. Anyhow, EDG is a regular commenter here on Websnark under his street name, but as he doesn't have said name listed on his Livejournal User Info page, and since I'm making reference to a post he made on Snarkoleptics, I figure I should respect his privacy. He can take a bow in the comments if he wishes.

Anyway, he made mention of the fact that Randy Milholland, over on Something Positive, posted not one, not two, but seven comic strips yesterday... and got within one of being absolutely caught up.

A full week of strips. In one day. With no cut and pasting or dodging or shortcuts. He drew himself a passel o'strips. And included a major revelation about one of his most popular characters among S*P's fans (that being Pepito... a character who I'll be honest I'm not that big on myself -- no pun intended. I've found him absolutely hysterical in the past... his broken spanish non sequiturs, his being eaten by trapdoor crocs, his willingness to harvest kidneys.) And not only did he give Pepito a kickass plot twist and character evolution (making him more interesting, in my opinion), he then moved on to a Monette plot. And I always like Monette plots -- remember, that which does not kill Monette makes her stronger... not brighter, always, but stronger.

But anyway, this is only tangentially a snark about Something Positive. This is instead a Snark about EDG's Snarkoleptics Post about this feat. He was impressed by it, and cheerful, and excited... and suggested at the end that I, Eric, should give M. Milholland a biscuit, of the tasty, tasty variety.

I responded over there that yes, I was impressed with what Milholland had done, and that he maintained quality through it all. However, biscuits are very specific beasties -- given out to individual strips that exemplify some point I think needs exemplifying. (Said point can be a kickass moment of drama, a technical innovation of startling skill, or a fart joke that has me laughing so hard I wet myself. Whatever. The point is, it's about one strip, not any kind of meta thing.)

EDG's response was that clearly my biscuits are homeopathic biscuits, and that by diluting a single biscuit over seven strips, it would therefore be much more powerful.

David Morgan-Mar has much to answer for.


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Damn. I'm going to get brighter just by reading the Snarkoverse whether I want to or not. I'm just here for the /entertainment/ value, dammit.

The Snarkoverse.

There's a continuity now?

Yes, but only one. We need multiple Snarkoverses, so that we can be much more powerful than we are now.

Then, in a few years, we'll have Crisis On Infinite Snarks, where we collapse everything back into one or two primary Snarkoverses. It'll be hailed as the Comics Criticism Event Of The Century - at least, until Eric dies at the hands of John Troutman a few years later, and then comes back with new powers...

...yes, I've had a little too much caffeine today, why do you ask?

(This is me bowing, by the way. ;)

Oh, and Eric - please feel free to use my street name, if you like. I actually thought I did have it in my LiveJournal info; if it's not there, it's an unintentional omission. :)

David Morgan-Mar has much to answer for.

Sheesh, can't I make fun of crackpot pseudoscience without getting blamed for everything? I'll be responsible for your dog's skin condition next. ;-)

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