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A quick picture to whet your appetites for shortbread

As I put together the Shortbread Recipients lists (there are four lists -- Bringing the Funny, Bringing the Story, Bringing the Toolset and Bringing the Other Stuff), I thought you might like to see the artwork Ursula Vernon (of Digger fame) provided for the project. Snarky is without a doubt the best thing to come out of this website, in my humble opinion, and there's always something adorable about chef's hats. Needless to say, I'm thrilled with the picture. (Click on the thumbnail if you want to see it full sized.)

As I said, there are four lists. The first three -- Funny, Story and Toolset -- are then divided into categories. To be a category, there has to be at least six webcomics that come to mind that fit the category. Those six get listed, and then I give the category Shortbread out. At the end of the list, an overall webcomic for the list is picked as well, to give everyone a reason to read to the bottom.

No big deal, right?

Hah. I'm working on Bringing the Funny right now, and there are fourteen categories in it. With six nominees per category, that's eighty-four blurbs to write. Plus fourteen blurbs on the categories themselves, and fourteen blurbs about the winners. And the Overall, of course.

That's for one list.

I'm an idiot. See me roar. I'll try to get it done for today, though.


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Ursula gets a shortbread for bringing the Cute, right?

Hell, forget shortbread. I'd give her a whole panettone for the picture of Snarky! (however you spell that)

When can we expect Snarky plushies???

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