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A note from Christmas in 2004

Obviously, this hasn't been a day I've been overly concerned about Websnark. I have been concerned with a little Scrabble (I'm somewhat good at that), and being decimated in Risk by my sister, who I dub "the Mongol" from this point forward, having seen her sweep down from Asia to decimate the rest of the world.

There were three presents of significant note to you, the Websnark audience. First off, there was America: The Book, which is hysterical and a good basic primer in high quality literate snarking. I have much to learn. The other two are Art Spiegelman's In the Shadow of No Towers and Brian Walker's gorgeous The Comics Before 1945, a rich treasure trove of Krazy Kat, Thimble Theater, Little Orphan Batshit Insane Annie, Mutt and Jeff, Boob McNutt, the Bungle Family, Gasoline Alley....

Tomorrow, my nieces return home, and we do some more Christmas with them. Monday, of course, we start shortin' some bread. Tonight, I'm sitting next to a tree, surrounded by my family.

Oh, and we had Jiggers. Jiggers comes from my grandmother originally (to our knowledge, she invented them), and is essentially pie crust, cut into cookies, with cinnamon and sugar and baked. Mom had a spare crust from making the Quiche we have every Christmas morning, so we had Jiggers through the day as well. They echo down through the ages in my mind.

I hope you're all as happy on a night like this.


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Today was a really calm and soothing holiday. I'm glad you're feeling better and having good memories with your family. I just ate WAY too much Chex mix and drank a little too much Guinness. But I think I may have another.

Ah, Christmas.

Happy Holidays! My mother also makes Jiggers, except she calls them "Crispy Critters".

My dad always makes these Jiggers with his leftover pie crust, but tends to refer to them as 'leftover pie-crust pastries'. Not much for the creative labels, I suppose.

I too got America the Book as a gift. Got about halfway through it last night. I'm tempted to dig up some really old sample of my handwriting and imitate it to write my name on the inside front cover.

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