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A fast Anacrusis correction

A reader (not Brendan, but someone else) wrote in to let me know that my examination of Anacrusis's archives wasn't quite accurate. I indicated that Anacrusis had been running almost as long as Hitherby Dragons. In fact, Hitherby Dragons unofficially began on 25 September 2003, and officially began on 26 November 2003. Anacrusis, on the other hand, actually started on 18 July 2003, two months before the earliest dated note in Hitherby's archives, and was off and running full out from day one.

The 18 July 2003 entry is called Stephanie, and while it's not as deft as later entries would become, it's still a good read and shows the strength of the 101 word limit right from the start. I wonder if Brendan's found the weblog equivalent of the haiku.

Mm. Hopefully not. 90% of all haikus suck.


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Speaking as someone who edited a high school literary magazine for two years, and got dumped on him all the mandatory poetry projects from all the English classes as submissions, I can say with confidence that far more than 90% of "haikus" suck. In fact, more than 90% of them aren't even haikus at all, they're just senryus. (The 5/7/5 syllable structure is a senryu, you have to add extra thematic stuff to be a haiku.)

In fact, 99% or more of all structured poetic and prosic works suck, because they're the result of high school assignments or weblog memes, and the writers don't have anything to PUT in the structure.

Okay, maybe less than 99% of limericks suck, but only because high school students are good at dirty limericks. :)

The quality of

haikus obeys Sturgeon's Law.

Snow in Carolina.

Incidence reports
scatter on my desk in piles--
Snow covering leaves.

Sad maiden in snow

Does not bring the funny here

First and ten syndrome

You win.

"Most haikus suck." Hmmmm.

Y'know, I was seriously considering a donation-funded haiku series on comics. I've done 'em here and there before and always enjoyed 'em. But it's not just about MY pleasure, now is it?


She always wondered,
"What's his cologne?" Now she knows.
Eau d'Ionosphere.


Baseballs flatten me.
Footballs dodge. Other athletes
don't have giant heads.

So-- you guys think this'd be an addition to the web-and-comics scene? Or more of a subtraction?

Well, I liked them, T. But then, I like the intermingling of art and poetry. In fact, my first published poem was on reflection of a Andrea del Castagno painting called Pippo Spano. So I'm all for the idea.

She always wondered,
"What's his cologne?" Now she knows.
Eau d'Ionosphere.

With all that ionization up there, she should have known it was an Eau-zone.

I stopped bothering with haiku after reading this post by Daniel Davies.

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