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2004 Bringing the Funny Shortbread Part II

Something -- probably the sheer length -- in the Shortbread recipient list keeps breaking. The last few paragraphs will be there for a while, and then will disappear. And, as they include... well, the webcomic who took the overall, I'm kind of hoping it can actually be read.

So, after the "read more cut" (to keep from spoiling the suspense) I'm repeating those paragraphs here. So, if you want to know who took the Overall Bringing the Funny Shortbread for 2004... you should read the extended entry.

If you were lucky enough to see it in the long post, there is nothing new here. Oh, and my brain still hurts.

And finally, not that we need anything more... there is the 2004 Shortbread Recipient for Bringing the Funny. The comic strip that put it all together and did it all right. The nominees? Check out the fourteen categories above. Every last one of those webcomics deserves consideration and praise, because they're all astoundingly cool and, more to the point, Bring the Funny. But only a total wuss would get out of this list without actually revealing the recipient of the big piece of shortbread. As I am not a big wuss, I'm ready to tell you that....

The Webcomic that Receives the Tasty, Tasty Shortbread for Bringing the Funny is....


Narbonic was without a doubt my favorite discovery of the past year. I have no idea how this hilarious strip managed to avoid my radar for so long, but I've done my damnedest to make up for that fact. Shaenon Garrity brings it all together -- it's funny, it's well executed, it's well paced, the characters are sympathetic but we're still cheerfully happy to see terrible things happen to them. Garrity is a student of the art and history of webcomics, and it really shows in this funny, funny comic strip.

Thank you all. Now, I get to do this all over again for the Bringing the Story Shortbread Recipients. I have no idea how long that's going to take. However, in a year of truly funny Webcomics, these have all stood out, and we the readers have been the beneficiaries. Thank you one and all, and we'll see you soon.


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