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You think this is a battle? You should see what happens when they try to order one pizza for the two of them.

(From Greystone Inn. Click on the thumbnail for full sized battle of the titans!)

Brad Guigar's one of those people who can pull off one of the harder tricks in the webcomics lexicon. He can seamlessly work Story into a gag-a-day strip without sacrificing Funny. The relationship between Lightning Lady and the Fanboy is one of those. We know he's cheating on her (or at least, it seems that way). We know she's still in love with Keegan, but we don't angst about either. We churn along and chuckle pretty much every day. Guigar brings the Funny. It's what he does. It's what doing a daily strip means to him.

Today's an example of the way he evokes the funny out of situations. There's plenty of examples of Superhero Relationship Humor out there, and most of it is lame beyond belief. "Honey, did you crush the remote again" kinds of things. But Guigar knows from Superheroes. He loves Superheroes. And more to the point, he knows from SuperVILLAINS. So yeah, a woman with the power to crush men's wills with her mind, marrying a guy who can raise an invincible defense... there are going to be days like this.

I'm in a mood to appreciate stuff like this anyway, after watching The Incredibles, this weekend. They got it, too.


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