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Tiki God Demands More M&Ms!

(From Blahsville. Click on the thumbnail for full sized media shill!)

Submitted without comment.

(Well, okay. I should point out that it's EriC Burns, not EriK Burns, though I expect they did the shift in name the way they also claimed Frank Cormier was actually named Frank Damonk. So it's parody. Parody!)

(I'm sensitive about the proper spelling of my name because when I was growing up, there was a cigarette brand called "Erik," and I didn't want to be associated with it. Also, I've seen every possibly variation of my name, when it seems to me the E-R-I-C spelling is the one used 99% of the time except when describing me. I've been Erik. I've been Erich. I've been Erick. Once, I swear to Christ, I was Eirik. So alternate spellings leap right out at me.)

(Oh, even though this is yet another "not-a-snark" about Blahsville, since I can't very well Snark them when they're referring to me, I should mention Erik Burns being dismissed as an 'obvious left wing shill.' Now, don't get me wrong, I am an obvious liberal shill. But it would seem crass to just say. But then I remembered it was "Focks News," and so I considered the source. There is no shame in being called a liberal shill by any derivation of a Rupert Murdoch organization.)

(Oh, and one other thing... wouldn't you softball Mayor Edwards? I mean, he's just the best darn mayor ever!)

(Oh, and it's "Moxie," named for the worst soft drink ever created. My family bears some of the responsibility for that culinary atrocity, so I have to point out the proper spelling.)

(This is a lot of parenthetical statements for a "submitted without comment," isn't it? Hi Mom!)


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Okay, I simply have to ask -- how exactly is it that your family shares the burden of responsibility for the creation of ...*shudder*... Moxie?

Complaining about your name? Feh. Eric's a GOOD name.

Kristan Oren Overstreet, now that's not so hot.

Of course, it could be worse. I heard of a redneck whose father, through the course of three wives, managed to name a child for each and every book in the King James Bible- that's 54 kids. The redneck, Deuteronomy, went by Bubba... but even then, he had it better than his little sister Second Timothy. }:-{D

Oh, and I wonder what Truss would think of (a) your Moxie guilt and (b) your Moxie rage. }:-{D

Suck it up, normal-names.

I don't know what my parents were thinking. I really don't. I can only assume that they foresaw the Internet, and realized that as an adult my main concern in life would be the ability to Google myself easily.

There's something to be said for easy Googling. Not only are there two other people on the Internet with my name, but they're both artists working in related fields besides.

In Germany, there's an Alexander Danner who works in theatre and picture book illustration:

And elsewhere, there's a P. Alex Danner ("P" is even one of my middle initials) who draws manga furries: http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Jessica-L-Stinner/.New/index01-by-date.html

It would be very easy for people to come across this stuff and think they'd actually found me. Actually, though, I really wish the P. Alex Danner guy worked with subject matter I found more compelling -- we would make for a very surreal collaborative team, otherwise.

Once, I swear to Christ, I was Eirik

That's a new one, to me! Back in high school, a debate judge deemed me "Aric", but English wasn't the lady's first language. She was a good judge though, I seem to recall.

I like "Aeryk" and used it for the Guild Wars preview, but haven't met anyone using it...

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