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The real Mickey would have laughed nervously the whole time. Also, he has no actual testicles.

(From Achewood. Click on the thumbnail for full sized testicular sacrifice!)

One of the things I really love about Achewood is embodied in Phillipe. He's cheerful and innocent, and a special boy! And the rest of the group understands that. There's a real Naked Lunch feel to Achewood, normally -- Roast Beef lying on his side eating turkey thighs out of the freezer box fits the tone perfectly. But somehow, everyone from Liebot to Ray wants to keep Phillipe safe and his innocence preserved. Oh, they lie to him and scare him for their own amusement, but even their jokes preserve his quiet innocence.

Anyway, this strip and the two or three before it seem to epitomize what Achewood is about. There's only so much I can explain it. You just have to experience it. It's just what you have to do.


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This is one of my favorite Achewoods, and I pretty much love them all. That, and the current one (Beef's Funeral with 13 ugly children rolling gutterballs). Achewood pretty much is The Perfect Comic Strip. If all were truly right with the world, Chris Onstad would be its ruler.

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