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Sometimes, tolerance means being just as possessive with guys as you are with girls.

(From 13 Seconds. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Parisian Sightseeing!)

13 Seconds is one of those strips on my "list of strips to read through," which means it's waiting for December and the end of Nanowrimo like all the rest. However, I happen to be on Peter Venables's Livejournal friends list, and when he completes a strip he posts it. So I've been kind of following the last few, though I'm not yet to the point that I'd call myself a reader. I need a lot more background, first.

Well, not long ago, there was an arc where one of the characters, in the awkward place where he's coming out of the closet, kissed one of the other characters. Which is all the setup you need for this strip.

And it just struck me well. Marsha didn't freak because another boy kissed Wally. She freaked because another person kissed Wally, and she reacted the same way she would if it were a girl. It was a little thing, but it was still a nice touch.

So, you know, I mention it here. That's what I do.


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