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Scott Kurtz is a mighty God of snark.

(From PvP. Click on the thumbnail for full sized EXACTLY!)

Kurtz nails it on the head. He nails why the Marvel Comics suit against Cryptic is so, and I use this word sparingly, retarded. He nails why it's doomed to failure. He even subtextually nails why it's stupid -- namely, because it's punishing people for being fans (since Cryptic isn't marketing this as a Marvel Comics game).

Dave Van Domelen, who's noteworthy for reviewing comics on a weekly basis, as well as being noteworthy for having a Mighty Science Brain and a willingness to wear Girl Genius Goggles in public, has posted an interesting essay on Why NOT to boycott Marvel over this. I think Dave's pretty well right in all of his thinking, and in the end I disagree with him. I say, don't buy Marvel's stuff because Marvel doesn't deserve your money. Don't pretend that this'll make them change their ways. It probably won't. However, when people are bastards, don't support them.

I'll say that again.

When people are bastards, don't support them.

Don't boycott Marvel to send them a message. They won't hear it. Don't boycott Marvel in hopes of forcing them to drop this crap. Quite honestly, they're likely to drop it because there's been a huge amount of negative publicity for them over it, and Corporate offices don't like negative publicity. It drives down share prices. So, someone's going to call legal, soon enough, and say "what the Hell are you idiots doing? We can't possibly win that case and in the meantime, people are pissed at us. What the Hell are you idiots thinking."

No, you should avoid buying Marvel because Marvel doesn't deserve your money. Simple as that. They're bad corporate citizens. They're bad creative citizens. They're bad stewards of an important part of our cultural mythology. They don't deserve your money.

If enough people say "fuck those bastards. They don't deserve my money," their behavior will change. Now, sometimes that's going to be hard. It means not going to Fantastic Four even though Jessica Alba is hot and the Thing looks cool as Hell. It means not buying X-Men Legends even though it looks kickass. It means not watching their television sho-- well, no one watches their television shows anyway. It means not buying stuff with the Captain America shield logo or a Backpack with Spider-man on it or the Black Cat Bra and Panties set. Not because those things aren't cool, but because Marvel doesn't deserve your money.

Oh, and don't buy the comics. Not that they'll care, but hey, go all the way with it.

Now, do I expect that to happen? No. No I do not. I expect you to go to Fantastic Four. I expect you to play X-Men Legends. I expect you to beg your girlfriend to wear the bra and panties and the little domino mask on your hands and knees. And that's okay. I'm good with that. Especially because I think this case won't go anywhere, and won't last long enough to matter anyhow.

But don't call out for boycotts because Marvel's screwing Cryptic. Marvel screws other companies. That's what they do. If you're going to stop buying Marvel stuff, do it because they don't deserve your money, and plan for this to be a permanent state of affairs. Otherwise, don't talk the talk.

As for me? I'm not going to buy Marvel things right now. They're acting like bastards, so I'm not going to support them. We'll see if I have the willpower not to see Fantastic Four, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

And either way, Scott Kurtz is a God among Snarkers.


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I don't call a boycott just because of this either. What about them threatening to SUE Super Hero Happy Hour, and it made them change their name to Hero Happy Hour... What about all their sins of the past? What about Jack Kirby too... oh yeah, some of us havent forgot about that.

Yeah, I've bought some Marvel books, and I might go see or rent the FF movie when it comes out-- but I think it will be a let down after Incredibles.

This is bad for the comic books though, and that makes me mad.

Kurtz is wrong about Marvel being in a position of power, though. Marvel doesn't have a lot going for it right now, to be honest. This fake-ass lawsuit is an act of desperation, and I hope the "City of Heroes" people can afford to stick with it long enough to see Marvel laughed out of court.

Marvel's suit is an act of stupidity, but hardly unprecedented. djcoffman might remember that Marvel attempted in the 1970s- that's right, the 1970s!!- to TRADEMARK THE WORD "SUPERHERO."

I think DC and Marvel still jointly hold that trademark, Kris. At least, they still did in the 90s.

And I should note that The Snarky One doesn't really refute my point, he goes off in another direction. I still maintain that if you want to get Marvel to stop being an ass, boycotting is not going to help. Boycotting them *because* they're asses is another thing entirely, so long as you recognize that it might contribute to the assiness getting worse in the short term.

DVD - that would be why Alan Moore keeps calling them "science heroes" in his latter superhero works?

It never occurred to me that the "evil twisted bastard in a position of power" remark was geared towards Marvel itself -- though apparently it was, since Kurtz had to come back and say "I certainly don't consider them to be nazis." The first thing I thought of when I read the punchline: Dr. Doom (European dictator, evil, twisted, position of power.)

Maybe it would have been more obviously comic (if not nearly as pointed) if the estates of Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler had sued Marvel because of J. Jonah Jameson's mustache infringement...

Here's a link to some screenshot collages I did on how close you can get to Marvel heroes-- not close enough though.




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