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Ruminations between dizziness and excitability

So... I'm at a weird point right now... still too wound up to go to sleep, but feeling the medication effects (my heart rate's still way up and I've got adrenalin in my system still, but my blood pressure is now dropping like a stone thanks to the ACE inhibitors and then the coreg will flog said heart for a bit and force the beat to slow back down, if I understand the mechanisms correctly. All I know is these pills kept me alive a few years back, when a few years before that my only recourse would have been a heart transplant). So, I thought I'd type for a few minutes on one of my unwritten policies for Websnark.

If I make a mistake, or blow something, or post something I later regret... I'll own up to it, but I won't delete it. This is a record of... well, something, at least. Of my thoughts and blatherings, if nothing else. And when I blow it, I'm going to leave it up and own up to it.

I thought about deleting the boing boing post. I think it was a mistake to post it in the first place, because I e-mailed Mark Frauenfelder, and I should have given him a chance to respond.

(Note, by the way, that I'm glad Mark deleted the post in question on Boing Boing. I'm talking about me in this post. If anyone else out there was sensitive to the things I was, Mark did right by them. So, to sum up -- post about me, not him. Thanks. Kisses.)

I left it up, because... well, because I posted it. If you think I overreacted -- or at least was unfair to Boing Boing, you may be right. But I don't go for revisionist history on Websnark.

I decided to modify the entry, making it clear that Boing Boing had responded well, and replacing my own link to their entry with a strikethrough. But I leave it up there. It's the same with comments I or others make on the site. If someone makes a comment I don't like, I won't delete it (with the exception of true harassment of others. If Timmy posts a comment, and Bobby posts something obscene and horrid about Timmy in response, I reserve the right to pull Bobby's response off. If Bobby posts a rant about how I'm a fat loser living in my mother's basement, I'll leave it up. At least one of those assertions is accurate anyhow).

We live in an age where the historical record is easy to alter. We combat that not with technology, but with integrity. When I overreact or blow a call, that mistake becomes a part of this archive. That just seems fair to everyone.

(This may be why I posted a link to the terrible webcomic I used to draw. On the other hand, that may have been more of a preemptive strike.)


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