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Remember, just because the dog chases your car doesn't mean he can deal with it stopping

(From Sam and Fuzzy. Click on the thumbnail for full sized landing clearance.)

I have a bad habit with new strips I'm reading. (New to me, that is.) I read through them and I like them... but I don't then actually... well... snark them. I guess because I want the first strip I snark to be so representative of the strip in general that the strips of each day don't encapsulate the experience well enough.

Well, that's just plain silly. So here's today's Sam and Fuzzy.

One of the things I like -- as you may have gathered -- is when the old jokes we've all known for our entire lives get pulled back out, dusted off, and made to work one more time. There's a special kind of creativity needed for a joke that's been done a million times. Logan pulls it off here -- we've all seen many many many examples of the obvious opening being given to a guy to ask out a girl. That doesn't change the fact that this strip gets you chuckling.

The strength, of course, is in the metaphor in the last panel. A good metaphor makes everything new.

There. Pressure's off for Sam and Fuzzy. Now, to figure out how to snark Schlock Mercenary without feeling I'm somehow missing the core brilliance of the webcomic in whatever strip I choose as 'representative...'


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Check out the 'I'm Capitalism' storyline. It has some uniquely Fuzzy moments.

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