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On election night, you want commentary? Have a map instead.

Concordia-Citidelia.pngSo, I do up this map. You all know it. Within two days, I need a lot more depth. So, it's the all new expanded map of the region.

Besides lots more planets, which of course means lots more... um... planets... I added in some region names. I could go into some detail of what a corridor is versus a reach or a cluster, but honestly, no one cares. (The Zabel Spar is significant, because a Spar has only one route in or out, according to theory. Okay, significant may be too strong a word. Also, I might be drunk.)

I haven't done regions for the Concordia side, because... well, I don't expect a whole lot of call for them. If I need them, I'll do them later. But otherwise, I think she's pretty well done.

Oh. And I corrected the spelling of "Toronto." Do you hear me? I corrected it. What do you want from me? What?


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Whoo! I'm somebody! I'm somebody!

Just call me "The Gateway to the Barber Reach"!

And here I thought that spelling was intentional, a corruption of language from the days of English-speaking. :)

Look closely, Mr Burns. It appears that you used York twice.

I think it's appropriate for two planets in different areas to have the same name. Think of Georgia and Georgia, for an Earthbound example.

OOooo. I'm a cluster!

A lot of places have similar names... Georgetown and Georgetown (Penang)... or Sydney and Sydney in Canada. But a lot of those cases are because they're isolated from each other.

Presumably one will eventually get renamed New York or Yorkshire or something.

Out of curiosity: why are so many planets named after places in England?

So, when somebody talks about which star, they have to say "this sun of York" as opposed to that one?

Hey look! I'm a rosette!

(A perfect astronomical term for a huge round thing. I like huge round things. }:-{D )

And even better, stars named for Greg Dean and Rick Stanley! Yay! (Of course, Josh Lesnick (various), Dan Shive {El Goonish Shive} and Paul Taylor {Wapsi Square} would be great additions to the Rosette, but I blather...)

Danke schoen!

(What? No, I'm not pushing for Tang or Ghastly; yes, they're adult comics, but they're a different kind of adult humor from what I do, and I don't much care for either.)

This has INSPIRED me. All of the examples in my thesis are starring webcomic creators now!


Meredith will give it a look as soon as she can.

It will be our secret.

Shive's stuff I haven't gotten into yet. He's on the list, though. Lesnick... just not on my radar. I don't dislike him, but I don't get into his work enough to... well, remember him quickly when it comes to these things.

As for Paul Taylor... heh....

People have noticed there's a star called "York" in Citadelian space. This is because to ensure the labels were all proportional, I took the label for York and cut and pasted them for all the new stars. The last one that was called York was going to be called Overstreet, the Teo Cluster was going to be called Taylor's Cluster, and the Barber Reach was going to be the Teo Reach. Only I decided I wanted to reserve the region names for commentators, aggregators, and folks like that. So Barber got a Reach, Taylor got moved out of his cluster, Teo got a more central name, and a much needed rosette was named, and got Overstreet. The one person who's name wasn't assigned... well, was Taylor, and as he's primarily an artist, I knew he'd get that last world.

Only it didn't actually show up. So it's still got the placeholder "York" name. But honestly, it's named Taylor. Really. Believe me.

Phalanx: the English Place names are Concordia instead of the Empire of Citadel. Concordia is what happens... (incredibly simplistic mode on) when the great great great granddescendents of the Society for Creative Anachronism get fed up with their government and decide to colonize a series of worlds, forming their own neo-feudal society. They named it after places in the British Commonwealth because the figurehead they installed was a descendent of the British Monarchy. (Whose position stopped being a figurehead's position within a few generations.)

The core of the war they're in now came when Concordia, slowly spreading to fill their region of space, suddenly hit upon an alien empire. They didn't get to blows, but suddenly Concordia had no room to expand and neither did those aliens. So, they want the Manley Reach because on the other side of it are worlds they can move into.

Backstory. Isn't it lovely?

Qwantz -- will we get to read your thesis? And see all the mentions? And say "lo! A mention?"

And what is the thesis on? Could it be... looking at things?

You can when it's done! I'll send out a link to the electronic version.

I hope you enjoy reading hundreds of pages on computationally identifying light verb constructions!

You're a linguist? Coooooool.

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