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Okay, that freaked me the Hell out.

(From Daily Dinosaur Comics. Click on the thumbnail for full sized CRAZY!)

The thing about Daily Dinosaur Comics is the writing. Because the same art is used every day, day in and out, but there is effort put in to making the characters consistent... the writing really gets a chance to shine in this strip. Unlike the strip we've compared DDC to the most in the past -- David Lynch's The Angriest Dog in the World -- the writing is given a chance to flourish instead of being non-sequiturish.

This particular strip's all about the execution. We have the typical T-Rex enthusiasm for a subject -- in this case, the neurochemical basis of thought and personality. It builds a bit.

And then, in panel five, we have a switch to a vastly creepier subject, one that's been nightmare fodder for me since Johnny Got His Gun. In fact, it scared me so much that the video for Metallica's "One" gave me nightmares just because it referred to Johnny Got His Gun. And then, of course, we go back to the first topic.

Which is where the Funny comes in. We're given a sense of creepiness at least in T-Rex's mind, though it's nothing that really freaks most of the rest of us out. Then, we're positively squicked with references to being locked inside our helpless bodies, unable to communicate or control ourselves, knowing someone else is driving us forward, and also knowing that scientists have already done this to creatures on this planet in real life. AUIGH!!!!!

And then, right back to the other topic, which seems so... tame afterward.

Now that's funny.

So, nightmares for me tonight. Oh boy.


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Slightly less creepy is the cockroach mecha that uses a fully intact cockroach to decide where to go. If there's an obstacle in the way, a bright light shines on the roach from that direction, and it scurries away from the obstacle. It's suspended over a trackball, IIRC.

(bright light shines on Dave)

Oops, gotta get back to work.


That's interesting. Because I had a slightly different reaction. After hearing about how scientists are actually able to make remote control cockroaches, the idea that our minds are just "physical" and can be altered is even more creepy. Because there is the suggestion that one day we'll have the tech to do the altering to ourselves.

We could be the cyborg cockroaches one day. A creepy thought indeed.

We have a few remote-controlled sea slugs in one of my uni's labs. My friend Roger was the first person to "drive" a non-insect.
MIT has remote-controlled mice. I guess that's much cooler.
What can I say? We're a tier 2 school *shrug*.

Of course, on the less creepy side of things, this could potentially help people who have problems controlling their own limbs. Maybe that will drive away the nightmares.

God, that's a nerdy first post.

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