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Oh yeah, that's funny. Let me riposte your light humor with a lovely joke where I ram a spike in your colon from the front. Hah hah hah hah! Isn't that a laugh?

EDIT: See the next entry for an update. Boing Boing quickly responded to rectify. So they get props for that.

So, I like Boing Boing. They are, after all, a directory of wonderful things. And I've seen many, many cool sites off of links they've posted.

Tonight, they posted a link to an "eeire possible ghost sighting" on their site. They recommend turning the sound up to hear the sigh, and the whispering, and describe a mist effect.

Now, if it were April 1, or Halloween, I'd take it with a grain of salt. But it isn't. And it's Boing Boing. I trust Boing Boing. So I go into it with a certain amount of faith.

For those who don't know? I have a heart condition. It's under control, but among other things, I try to minimize shocks. When they happen, and when they're intense enough, I have to take medication. Medication which produces pretty nasty side effects in me when it's taken in heavy doses.

So, I now expect that instead of having a productive writing day tomorrow, I instead am going to have difficulty keeping my eyes open and spend a lot of time lying on my back wishing I were dead because I'm so fucking naseous.

Oh yeah, fucking funny, guys. Laugh riot. See if I ever, ever trust a link you put out again.

Boing Boing: Signs of a ghost in TV commercial? leads to their entry on the thing. Know going into it that it doesn't lead to what they claim it does. If you like that kind of thing, enjoy.

If you're pissed because I spoiled the joke? Sorry. I was wondering about five minutes ago if I had to go to the Emergency room. Makes me selfish.


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.... unfortunately, a lot of those things have been making the rounds.

Pretty much anything that asks you to "concentrate" or "watch closely" or "look for (something)" is one of those, too. I've seen at least twenty:
- "Look for the differences between these pictures; I couldn't find any, it drove me crazy!"
- "Make sure you turn up your sound really loud -- the effects are really subtle!"
- "You have to look really close, right at (this spot)... it might take a minute or two, but just keep staring, you'll see it..."

It stopped being funny before the first one was put out.

My sympathies.

Yeah. I'm just stupid, clearly. It's what I get for trusting a website.


Yikes. I'm of the opinion that playing practical jokes on strangers is just about always a bad idea. I wish you a speedy recovery, and I hope this won't kill too much of your writing momentum.

I just discovered Boing Boing a couple of months ago. I've enjoyed the majority of stuff they put up (I'm a family guy and don't get the fixation with varying degrees of pr0n, but whatever provides bouyancy for your watercraft).

I'm disappointed that they'd post something like that. I'm heartened that they took it back down.

I'm completely with you on not deleting things - what you leave up tells a story, and stories aren't always pretty, or noble, or uplifting. That's cool with me. It refects life, that way.

Glad you're not dead, and stuff.

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