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Oh man, I hate when that happens. You can't wash that black out of your clothes, either.

(From User Friendly. Click on the the thumbnail for full sized U2!)

I give User Friendly a lot of shit. I really do. I don't think it's evolved enough over the years -- it's kind of stuck in the late nineties. And it doesn't resolve character arcs. Like, ever. It's sad.

And yet, it's rock solid consistent, and that counts a lot in my book. And when Illiad's on, he's on.

This is a solid, funny geek joke. It hits popular/geek culture strong. It makes a person laugh.

Illiad gets... dare I say it... a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.


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User Friendly hasn't made me laugh (or gotten my eyeballs) in ages.

But that's funny. :)

Technically, Bill Amend did the joke first in "Fox Trot" back in January -- you can see his take on it here, in a blog where someone has to have the joke explained:


But you know what? As much as I enjoy "Fox Trot," I like the "User Friendly" spin on the joke better. Amend hits you with the gag right out of the gate, and the punchline is sort of an afterthought...whereas "User Friendly" builds up to it, and the silhouette IS the punchline.

And "It's been all over the T.V." is just perfect.

Let's try that link again:

A "Fox Trot" from January

I'm going to become a thoughtful, participating member of the Internet community yet!

Nope, nope -- I still don't know what I'm doing. But you get the idea.

To all those reading this, please continue with your zany discussions and hijinks.

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