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Now that? That's a smile.

(From American Elf! Click on the thumbnail for full sized beaming! Subscription required.)

I haven't commented on the election over here at Websnark Central. I've had a discussion or two on it over on Livejournal, but I figure that no one here wants to hear that stuff. And I'm not changing it now.

I will say this. The election Fallout has been of slight interest, over on the webcomics scene (I'll try to do a Sore Thumbs snark sometime later, because I think there's something interesting going on there that has nothing to do with the strip itself). No one, however, has gotten the kernel of the whole better than James Kolchalka did in his American Elf strip from yesterday.

The weather is bad, and for roughly half of the country, there is a real pall hanging over us.

But there is still sunshine. If not in the sky, then in a smile.

It's going to be all right.


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