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November 19's a weird day for me

A while back, I had an online journal. It was more personal than Websnark, as longtime readers already know. Well, I covered November 19 and why it's weird in my life in One Day in the Life - 11/19/99.

19 years after the events detailed in that entry... things still tend to be weird on the 19th of November. So, if something strange happens to me later today... remember that I warned you right at the start.

Still remembering, Rich.


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Did you know that 'Paradis' means 'Paradise' or 'Eden', in Swedish?

I can honestly say I did not know that.

I wasn't going to say anything, but that's dishonest.

I read the article about the love between you and your friend and it brought a tear to my eye.

Lest this appear to be minimizing, that statement equates to complete torrents of grief for other, more emotive sorts.

I couldn't escape the David & Jonathan vibe, a bond of friendship that scoffs at the grave and remains long after the ravages of mere circumstance.

Then I read the poem, and it brought another tear. It's the day for that, I guess.

Such is the power of words. Such is the power of the love of a dear friend. (I know that guys don't discuss such things. Piff. /Men/ do.)

I'm glad you wrote all that back in the day. I'm even more grateful that you shared today.

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